By David Brandt Berg

The Statue of Liberty front shot, on Liberty I...1. Occasionally my friends castigate me for being so critical of “the American dream“. “Don’t I see all the good that America is doing in the World,” they ask, “and how it is a bastion of democracy and freedom?” After all, if someone is anti-Communist, then just logically, they must be “pro-American all the way”!–Right? NO.
2. I usually try to reassure them that I am aware that a certain amount of good does emanate from the U.S. Nothing is ALL bad or ALL good, and we only need to meet American missionaries, Peace Corps volunteers, etc., to know that there ARE a lot of decent, sacrificial Americans both at home and abroad who ARE sincerely trying to make the World a better place. The only trouble, sad to say, is that they are in a distinct MINORITY.
3. At one time the U.S. was run by good God-fearing Christians, but they gradually compromised their faith and convictions, and allowed UNGODLY FORCES to effectively take control of their nation, so that today it is secular and wicked, in some ways more so than the Communists! And yet it continues to act as a self-appointed moral torchbearer, convinced it is right, and willing to strongarm any nation that doesn’t give in to its demands!
4. As this may come as a surprise to some, let’s take a brief look at American history, foreign policy, culture and society.
5. America has been a violent nation since its birth, resorting to war to get its way. It violently rebelled against Britain–in comparison to Canada and Australia who PEACEFULLY received their independence–exterminated the native Indians, attacked both its neighbors and violently fought a civil war! It attacked Spain and robbed her of her territories from New Mexico to California, Puerto Rico to the Philippines!
6. Even the ATOMIC BOMB was an example of unnecessary violence! Japan had already made overtures for peace, but Truman and his cabinet wanted to show the Russians that they had a “master card” of diplomacy to use, so they nuked 2 Japanese cities! As a result, today people in Japan are still dying of radiation!
7. Twenty years later, America violently muscled into SOUTHEAST ASIA where they dropped 7 MILLION TONS OF BOMBS (THREE TIMES the tonnage dropped on Germany and Japan during WORLD WAR 2!) on Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, none of which they were technically at war with!
8. Today, if you wonder why much of the Mideast hates America, remember that without America’s backing, Israel could never have stolen the Palestinians’ land from them. As well, in 1984, the USS New Jersey spent a leisurely afternoon firing 300 one-ton shells into Lebanon, each of which made a crater 15 meters in diameter and 7 meters deep! More violence! For America, might is right!
9. Just recently, Reagan has been denouncing terrorism, and even bombed LIBYA for helping terrorists, and then he secretly broke the law and supplied arms to IRAN who is terrorising the Mideast and the World with a bloody war! It makes you wonder what IS America’s Mideast policy?
10. And now it seems America is preparing for ANOTHER war! Annually it spends $855 a person on the military. It is the World’s leading arms exporter, exporting $4.2 billion in 1985! Since 1945, $1.9 trillion has been spent on building 60,000 nuclear weapons! Without war spending, the U.S. economy would crash! What kind of God-fearing country could possibly have NUCLEAR WEAPONS as its ECONOMIC FOUNDATION?
11. And what kind of a “Christian society” would send specially-trained teams into countries all around the World to teach them sophisticated TORTURE METHODS? Meddling in other nations’ internal affairs with media pressure, dollar diplomacy and covert CIA actions is bad enough!–But will they stop at NOTHING?
12. THE U.S. ECONOMY is already BANKRUPT! The federal government has a $220 BILLION BUDGET DEFICIT, with a TOTAL DEBT of over $2 TRILLION! The U.S. trade deficit for 1986 was $170 billion, the largest in HISTORY!

As of March 2012, debt held by the public was $10.85 trillion or approximately 70% GDP, while the intragovernmental debt was $4.74 trillion or approximately 30% GDP. These two amounts comprise the national debt of $15.6 trillion, roughly 100% GDP.The public debt has increased by over $500 billion each year since fiscal year (FY) 2003, with increases of $1 trillion in FY2008, $1.9 trillion in FY2009, and $1.7 trillion in FY2010.As of February 2012, $5.1 trillion or approximately 50% of the debt held by the public was owned by foreign investors, the largest of which were China and Japan at just over $1 trillion each. (Source: Wikipedia)
  1. The U.S. is the World’s largest debtor nation, owing $250 billion more abroad than foreigners owe IT! Personal debt has doubled in 5 years. The dollar has dropped 40% against the Deutsche Mark in 18 months.
  2. Contrary to what many may believe, America is a nation of harsh poverty and extreme wealth and the gap has widened in the past decade. About 2-3 million Americans are homeless! Thirty-five million live in poverty! Of these, 14 million, or 40% are children, a 50% increase since 1970. Government spending on the poor has declined during this same period. Does this sound JUST to you?–Or Christian?
  3. TWO PER CENT of U.S. families control 54% of the total net FINANCIAL ASSETS of the country. Shocking, isn’t it? And here we thought these unfair conditions only existed in Third World nations! Fifty major U.S. corporations, many of them major arms contractors, LEGALLY paid NO TAXES from 19801984, and received tax refunds of $2.4 billion, in spite of profits of $58 billion.
  4. While much of the World starves, the U.S. STORES 31 million tons of surplus edible farm products purchased from farmers to keep prices artificially high. At the expense of the rest of the poor World, America has a “me first” policy, and deprives poorer nations of their deserved share of the U.S. market by unjust trade agreements, tariffs and import restrictions! Is this following Christ’s law of love for one’s neighbor?-No! Just the opposite!
  5. VIOLENT CRIME is as American as Jesse James! According to Chief Justice Warren Burger, “There exists a reign of terror in American cities! Are we not hostages within the borders of our own self-styled, enlightened, civilised country?” The Surgeon General says that violence in all its forms is the nation’s #1 health problem.
  6. Every 24 minutes, an American is murdered! Every 10 seconds, a house is burgled. Every 7 minutes, a woman is raped! In 1980, violent crime led to 2 million deaths and injuries. Americans have more chance of being victims of violent crime than of being in an automobile accident. Over a lifetime, they face a 1-in-133 risk of being murdered! Teen homicides have increased 232% since 1950. Between 1972 and 1984, the PRISON population DOUBLED! Obviously, something is very, VERY WRONG with the moral fiber of American society.
  7. Fifty percent of American households keep a gun for protection. It hardly seems to help! In 1980, 11,522 people were MURDERED with handguns in the United States. In Japan, only 77 were murdered; Great Britain, 8; Australia, 4.
  8. EDUCATION. Chief Justice Warren Burger said, “We have virtually ELIMINATED from public schools and higher education ANY effort to teach VALUES of integrity, truth, personal accountability and respect for others.” A report of the Department of Education concluded that MOST American students cannot write well enough to make themselves understood. TWENTY MILLION Americans are ILLITERATE, and 70 million voters are unable to read their own CONSTITUTION. Forty percent of adults cannot use a road map and 80% cannot read a bus schedule. The average dropout rate from high schools is about 26%. Whatever happened to the Godly education Americans once treasured as an integral part of their heritage?–Gone!
  9. DRUGS. A University of Michigan report stated, “American teenagers take MORE illicit drugs than ANY OTHER industrialised nation! By their mid-twenties, 80% of young adults have tried an illicit drug.”
  10. Drug and alcohol abuse amongst teens is 60 TIMES HIGHER than it was in 1960! About 24 million people use cocaine regularly. Deaths caused by cocaine have increased 400% in the last 4 years. Each day 5,000 Americans try it for the first time. Perhaps THIS is the NEW “American dream”?
  11. TELEVISION VIOLENCE has risen 100% since 1980, with about 14 acts of violence per prime-time hour. The average pre-teen views 28 hours of TV weekly, and by the time he is 16, he will have viewed 20,000 hours of television, including 200,000 acts of violence–50,000 of which are murders!
  12. In a sampling from 8 countries, 70% of all TV violence was from “the good ol’ U.S.A.”! America is exporting violent hatefilled films and TV shows Worldwide!–Poisoning the whole World with its wickedness!–This is to say nothing of American books, novels, magazines and comic books, many of which openly promote violence, hatred, homosexuality, witchcraft and demonism!
  13. “ROCK MUSIC, in its highest form is more like a death cult!” says rock singer Sting. Many rock songs have OPEN references to Satan worship, pornography and violence. Rock videos average about 17 acts of violence per hour.
  14. HEALTH AND FAMILY LIFE: Teen suicides have increased 300% in just the past 3 years alone. In 1985 about 6,000 teenagers committed suicide, or one every 90 minutes. Since 1984, sales of war toys have increased 350%, an all-time high.
  15. AIDS, spread mainly by homosexuals and drug users, has struck 30,000 Americans, half of whom have died! And knowing the Bible’s strong stance AGAINST SODOMY, now called homosexuality, how CAN a “Christian people” be so openly, blatantly homosexual?–Even PUBLICISING and ADVOCATING it in the media every day? It shows they have rejected God’s Word and gone the way of Sodom and Gomorrah!–Who were destroyed by fire!
  16. Twenty percent of the population suffers from CHRONIC DEPRESSION, while 37 million more suffer from hypertension. Twenty percent of the population is overweight and spends about $400 million on drugs and treatment for it.–The “American NIGHTMARE”!
  17. Americans are becoming more and more ANTI-CHILDREN. American parents spend LESS TIME with their children than any other nation in the World! That is a known, provable FACT! Fathers spend an average of 37 seconds daily with their infant children.–This is LOVE?!
  18. In 1965, 7% of married women had been sterilised to prevent unwanted children. By 1982, the figure had risen to 26%. In 1983, 1.1 million men and women were sterilised as a contraceptive measure.
  19. Since 1973, an estimated 15 million babies were murdered in LEGAL ABORTIONS in the U.S.! In 1978, 30% of all pregnancies ended with abortion. In 1977, there was one divorce for every 2 marriages, a 350% increase since 1950. How can a God-fearing Christian close his eyes to such a HOLOCAUST of CHILD-MURDER and still believe in “the American dream”?
  20. RELIGION: The federal government is not allowed to aid or benefit any RELIGION! Prayer, Bible reading, religious instruction and Christmas carolling are no longer allowed in public schools! Yet the Godless theory of EVOLUTION must be taught as a FACT! The 10 Commandments may not be posted in a classroom.–GOD is an OUTLAW and the BIBLE a BANNED BOOK in U.S. SCHOOLS!–Just as in COMMUNIST RUSSIA!
  21. In his book “Vital Signs”, George Barna assessed Christianity in the U.S. thus: “Many Christians want faith to be easy. They are not interested in hearing about, much less experiencing, the suffering that fol lowing Jesus may demand, or the seeking of God’s will, or the material sacrifices that are expected of those who are devoted to their religious faith. The majority of American Christians have fallen prey to MATERIALISM, HEDONISM and SECULAR HUMANISM.
  22. “Despite the millions of dollars spent on media ministry and evangelistic publishing, there has been no real growth in the size of the Christian population in the past 5 years.”
  23. These are just a few brief examples of how DECADENT AMERICA has become! It’s a perfect example of what both Marx and Lenin predicted, that if you just give Capitalism enough time, it will collapse from within, and then you can walk in and take it for free!
  24. Now some might protest, “What about RUSSIA? It’s much worse! Why don’t you criticise THEM?”
  25. AMERICA is WORSE because it was once a genuine Christian nation, founded by men who were willing to give up everything so that they could live their Christian faith. No other nation has had such LIGHT, so much TRUTH, so much GOSPEL and yet has knowingly turned its back on God and become the MOST antichrist, wicked nation in the World!
  26. Russia never had such a great Christian heritage, and so I believe, in God’s eyes, Russia is not as guilty! America’s leaders so often talk about Jesus, and yet act like the Devil! What kind of sample is that to the World? I believe that God is going to judge America, punish her for her sins to set the record straight and show the rest of the World that crime doesn’t pay! As Billy Graham said, “If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah!”
  27. In fact, I believe that America is symbolised by the Great Whore, Babylon the Great, spoken of in Revelation/Apocalypse Chapters 17 and 18, which will be destroyed in the Endtime! What a picture of the last hour of decadent, dying America! Read it!–The great commercial whore which polluted the whole World is being judged by a righteous God!–The end of America!
  28. So even though some good might come out of America, the EVIL FAR OUTWEIGHS it! Remember the admonition of Revelation/Apocalypse 18:4,5: “Come out of her my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; for her sins are piled up to Heaven, and God has remembered her crimes!”–The “AMERICAN DREAM” is a NIGHTMARE!





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Author: Frederick Olson

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.