Chris Rock, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, David Icke, and Mike Prysner speak out the truth.

Conspiracy FACT vs THEORY
Its a conspiracy. Look at all the evidence. ‘The evidence doesn’t prove anything.’
But, look at all the coincidences. Chances are, it is a conspiracy. ‘They’re just coincidences. That is all. There is no way that conspiracy of that magnitude could happen. It involves too many people, they can’t all keep a secret. The information will get out. They wouldn’t be able to get away with a conspiracy like that. Anyways, everyone knows that the bigger the conspiracy, the less chance there is of it working. ‘
How would the information get out? ‘I said, there are too many people involved. The conspiracy is to big. The information would get out some how. They can’t all keep it all a secret.’
Let’s face it. The majority of people think like you. Conspiracies can’t happen, their too complicated, blah blah blah. You say the information would get out. Now I have one question to ask you… If the information got out, who would listen?… If the information did get out, who would believe it was true? If the majority of people think like you do, then the answer to the question is no one. Absolutely NO ONE would pay any attention. The few people leaking the information would be ridiculed and be labled conspiracy nuts. You say conspiracy is impossible. Its your beliefs that make conspiracy possible.
‘…oh…well…There still would be a lot of people that had to know about it, right? I mean, this would take a lot of planning.’ Have you ever heard of compartmentalized information? No. The thing about conspiracies is that not everyone involved has to know! Knowledge is power. You just have to imagine it like a pyramid. The information is compartmentalized, which means only a few people at the very top of the pyramid, the ones in charge, know whats really going on. That’s how the CIA works. Thats how gangs work. Thats even how many businesses work!
You see, the people farther down on the pyramid only need to know enough to do their specific job. With the information they have, they are unable to see what their small contribution is contributing too. They just innocently do what their told so they can pay their bills and put food on the table. These people are not aware that their seemingly harmless job is contributing to an overall harmful conspiracy.
‘Well why is this information becoming so available now?’ One word. The internet. Up until the last decade, we as a people have had to rely on TV. Did you know that almost all television programming is owned by 5 companies? As I said earlier, information is power, and since these 5 companies own everything, they can keep the information from you. But the internet is completely different. The internet is a completely free source of information that can’t be monopolized by anyone.
If the information can’t be monopolized at the top of the pyramid, you know what that means? ‘What?’ They can’t monopolize the power, and they can’t control us anymore. That is why we need to protect freedom of speech and stop any censorship of the internet.
Why do you think the chinese filter their internet? ‘So the people don’t have power?’ Basically. We also need to protect our right to own guns.
Before Hitler rose to power, what did he have to do? And what do the chinese do? ‘Take away the peoples guns!’ Yes! When the founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms, it wasn’t for hunting. Because, back then, if you didn’t hunt, you didn’t eat. The founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms so if a government got out of hand, we the people would be able to stop them.
As we speak the US government is putting laws into place that completely violate the constitution, violate our rights, and censor the internet. A few examples are CISPA, NDAA.
‘How big is this conspiracy? Is our whole government in on it? Is it Obama controlling it all?’ Its bigger than that. Ever hear of Bilderberg? Or Bohemian Club? They are secret meetings that happen behind closed doors. All the richest people in the world attend. The billionaires that own everything. The heads of all the major governments also attend, and so do many other high ranking official. Basically the 1% that run and own everything, go to these annual meetings to talk behind closed doors.
The whole game is rigged. The voting is rigged, for documented proof, you can go to youtube and watch an HBO documentary called “Hacking Democracy”. The money system is rigged, and meant to enslave us. Alex Jones and many others have gone into great detail about how the money system works, and how the Federal Researve is a private bank. Micheal Ruppert was able to prove 9/11 was in inside job WITHOUT arguing building collapse. You can buy Micheal’s book, “Crossing the Rubicon”, or you can go to and watch podcast #170. Another person you can check out is David Icke, because the rabbit hole always gets deeper.


Author: Frederick Olson

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.