Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300


Extracts from the book:
Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300
By Dr. John Coleman (America West Publishers, Carson City, Nevada: 1992)



In my career as a professional intelligence officer, I had many occasions to access highly classified documents, but during service as a political science officer in the field in Angola, West Africa, I had the opportunity to view a series of top secret classified documents which were unusually explicit. What I saw filled me with anger and resentment and launched me on a course from which I have not deviated, namely to uncover what power it is that controls and manages the British and United States governments.–Dr. John Coleman, November 1991.


An Overview and Some Case Histories

Certainly a fair number of us are aware that the people running our government are not the people who are really in control of political and economic matters, domestic and foreign. This has led many to seek the truth in the alternative press, those newsletter writers who, like me, have sought, but not always found what it is that is making the United States terminally ill. “Seek and ye shall find” has not always been the case with this group. What we did find was that the people walk in great darkness, mostly not caring or bothering to find out where their country is headed, firm in the belief that it will always be there for them. This is the way the largest population group has been manipulated to react, and their attitude plays right into the hands of the secret government.

We frequently hear about “they” doing this, that or the other. “They” seem literally to be able to get away with murder. “They” increase taxes, send our sons and daughters to die in wars that do not benefit our country. “They” seem above our reach, out of sight, frustratingly nebulous when it comes to taking action against “them.” No one seems able to clearly identify who “they” are. It is a situation that has pertained for decades. During the course of this book, we shall identify the mysterious “they” and then, after that, it is up to the people to remedy their situation.

The Committee of 300 is the ultimate secret society, made up of an untouchable ruling class, which includes the Queen of England, the Queen of the Netherlands, the Queen of Denmark and the royal families of Europe. These aristocrats decided at the death of Queen Victoria that, in order to gain worldwide control, it would be necessary for its aristocratic members to “go into business” with the non-aristocratic but extremely powerful leaders of corporate business on a global scale, and so the doors to ultimate power were opened to what the Queen of England likes to refer to as “the commoners.”

From my days in the intelligence business I know that heads of foreign governments refer to this all-powerful body as “The Magicians.” Stalin coined his own phrase to describe them: “The Dark Forces,” and President Eisenhower, who was never able to get beyond the “hofjuden” (court Jew) grade, referred to it in a colossal understatement as “the military-industrial complex.”

Who are the conspirators who serve the mighty, all-powerful Committee of 300? The better-informed of our citizens are aware that there is a conspiracy and that the conspiracy goes under various names such as the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Round Table, the Milner Group. The problem is that real hard information on the activities of members of the invisible government is very hard to come by.

In order to get an idea of how vast and how all-pervasive is this conspiracy, it would be appropriate at this point to name the goals set by the Committee of 300 for the pending conquest and control of the world. One needs to have a clear understanding of just why it is that nuclear power is so hated all over the world, and why the fake “environmentalist” movement, established and financially supported by the Club of Rome, was called upon to wage war on nuclear energy. With nuclear energy generating electricity in cheap and abundant supplies, Third World countries would gradually become independent of U.S. foreign aid and begin to assert their sovereignty. Nuclear-generated electricity is the key to bringing Third World countries out of their backward state, a state which the Committee of 300 has ordered to remain in position.

Less foreign aid means less control of a country’s natural resources by the IMF. It was this idea of developing nations taking charge of their destiny that was an anathema to the Club of Rome and its ruling Committee of 300. We have seen opposition to nuclear power in the United States successfully used to block industrial development in conformity with the Club’s “Post-Industrial Zero-Growth” plans.

Dependence upon U.S. foreign aid actually keeps foreign countries in servitude to the Council on Foreign Relations. The people of the recipient countries receive very little of the money, as it usually ends up in the pockets of government leaders who allow the natural raw material assets of the country to be savagely stripped by the IMF.
Mugabe of Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, is a good example of how raw material assets, in this case high grade chrome ore, is controlled through foreign aid. LONRHO, the giant conglomerate run by Angus Ogilvie, an important member of the Committee of 300, on behalf of his cousin, Queen Elizabeth II, now has total control of this valuable resource while the people of the country sink ever deeper into poverty and misery, notwithstanding a handout in excess of $300 million from the United States.

LONRHO now has a monopoly of Rhodesian chrome and charges any price it likes, whereas under the Smith government this was not allowed. A reasonable price level was maintained for twenty-five years prior to the Mugabe regime taking power. While there were problems during the 14-year rule of Ian Smith, since his departure unemployment has quadrupled and Zimbabwe is in a state of chaos and de facto bankruptcy. Mugabe received enough foreign aid from the U.S. (in the region of $300 million per annum) to enable him to build three hotels on the French Cote d’Azur, Cap Ferat and Monte Carlo, while his citizens grapple with disease, unemployment and malnutrition, not to mention an iron-fisted dictatorship that allows no complaints. Contrast this with the Smith government, which never asked for nor received one red cent in aid from the United States. Thus it is clear that foreign aid is a powerful means of exercising control of countries such as Zimbabwe and indeed all African countries.


The Club of Rome

How can the conspirators maintain their grip upon the world, and more especially, their choke-hold over the U.S. and Britain? One of the most asked questions is, “How can any single entity know at all times what is going on, and how is control exercised?” This book will attempt to answer these and other questions. The only way we can come to grips with the reality of the conspirator’s success is by mentioning and discussing some of the secret societies, front organizations, government agencies, banks, insurance companies, international businesses, the petroleum industry and the hundreds of thousands of entities and foundations whose leading lights make up the membership of the Committee of 300–the ultimate controlling body that runs the world and has done so for at least a hundred years.

Since there are already scores of books on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilaterals, we shall go directly to the Club of Rome and the German Marshall Fund.

It came as a revelation to some people that the Club of Rome and its financiers under the title of the German Marshall Fund were two highly-organized conspiratorial bodies operating under cover of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and that the majority of Club of Rome executives were drawn from NATO. The Club of Rome formulated all of what NATO claimed as its policies and, through the activities of Committee of 300 member Lord Carrington, was able to split NATO into two factions, a political (left wing) power group and its former military alliance.

The Club of Rome is still one of the most important foreign policy arms of the Committee of 300–the other being the Bilderbergers. It was put together in 1968 from hard-core members of the original Morgenthau group on the basis of a telephone call made by the late Aurellio Peccei for a new and urgent drive to speed up the plans of the One World Government–now called the New World Order, although I prefer the former name.

Peccei’s call was answered by the most subversive “future planners” drawn from the United States, France, Sweden, Britain, Switzerland and Japan that could be mustered. During the period 1968-1972, The Club of Rome became a cohesive entity of new-science scientists, globalists, future planners and internationalists of every stripe. As one delegate put it, “We became Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors.”

Broadly, the anticipated program of the Club of Rome would cover inventing and disseminating “post industrialization” ideas in the United States, coupled with the spread of counterculture movements such as drugs, rock, sex, hedonism, Satanism, witchcraft and “environmentalism.” Tavistock Institute, Stanford Research Institute and the Institute for Social Relations, in fact the entire wide spectrum of research organizations in applied social psychiatry either had delegates on the board of the Club of Rome, or acted as advisors and played a guiding role in NATO’s attempt to adopt what they call the “Aquarian Conspiracy.”

The Club of Rome is a conspiratorial umbrella organization, a marriage between Anglo-American financiers and the old Black Nobility families of Europe, particularly the so-called “nobility” of London, Venice and Genoa. The key to the successful control of the world is their ability to create and manage savage economic recessions and eventual depressions. The Committee of 300 looks to social convulsions on a global scale, followed by depressions, as a softening-up technique for bigger things to come, as its principal method of creating masses of people all over the world who will become its “welfare” recipients of the future.

The Club of Rome has its own private intelligence agency and also “borrows” from David Rockefeller’s INTERPOL. Every U.S. intelligence agency cooperates very closely with it, as does the KGB and the Mossad.


Their Goals

What are the goals of this secret elite group? This elite group that also calls itself the OLYMPIANS (they truly believe they are equal in power and stature to the legendary gods of Olympus, who have, like Lucifer their god, set themselves above our true God) absolutely believe they have been charged with implementing the following by divine right:

(1) A One World Government/New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. Not many people are aware that the One World Government began setting up its “church” in the 1920s/1930s, for they realized the need for a religious belief inherent in mankind to have an outlet and, therefore, set up a “church” body to channel that belief in the direction they desired.

(2) The utter destruction of all national identity and national pride.

(3) The destruction of religion, and more especially the Christian religion, with the one exception, their own creation mentioned above.

(4) Control of each and every person through means of mind control and what [Zbignew] Brzezinski called “technotronics,” which would create human-like robots and a system of terror beside which Felix Dzerzhinsky’s Red Terror will look like children at play.

(5) An end to all industrialization and production of nuclear-generated electric power in what they call “the post-industrial zero-growth society.” Exempted are the computer and service industries. U.S. industries that remain will be exported to countries such as Mexico where abundant slave labour is available. Unemployables in the wake of industrial destruction will either become opium-heroin and or cocaine addicts, or become statistics in the elimination process we know today as Global 2000.

(6) Legalization of drugs and pornography.

(7) Depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. It is interesting to note that Pol Pot’s genocidal plans were drawn up here in the United States by one of the Club of Rome’s research foundations. It is also interesting that the Committee is presently seeking to reinstate the Pol Pot butchers in Cambodia.

(8) Suppression of all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Committee. Especially targeted is nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Particularly hated are the fusion experiments presently being scorned and ridiculed by the Committee and its jackals of the press. Development of the fusion torch would blow the Committee’s conception of “limited natural resources” right out of the window. A fusion torch properly used could create unlimited untapped natural resources from the most ordinary substances.

(9) Cause by means of limited wars in the advanced countries, and by means of starvation and diseases in Third World countries, the death of 3 billion people by the year 2050, people they call “useless eaters.” The Committee of 300 commissioned Cyrus Vance to write a paper on this subject of how best to bring about such genocide. The paper was produced under the title the Global 2000 Report and was accepted and approved for action by President Carter, for and on behalf of the U.S. government, and accepted by Edwin Muskie, then Secretary of State. Under the terms of the Global 2000 Report, the population of the United States is to be reduced by 100 million by the year 2050.

(10) To weaken the moral fibre of the nation and to demoralize workers in the labour class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post industrial zero growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, demoralized and discouraged workers will resort to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard The Committee of 300 commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon. This work later became known as “The Aquarian Conspiracy.”

(11) To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then “managing” such crises. This will confuse and demoralize the population to the extent where, faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result. In the case of the United States, an agency for crisis management is already in place. It is called the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), whose existence I first disclosed in 1980.

(12) To boost rock “music” gangsters such as the filthy, degenerate “Rolling Stones” (a gangster group much favoured by European Black Nobility) and all of the Tavistock-created “rock” groups which began with “the Beatles.” To continue to build up Christian fundamentalism, which will be misused to strengthen the Zionist state of Israel through identifying with the Jews through the myth of “God’s Chosen People” and by donating very substantial amounts of money to what they mistakenly believe is a religious cause in the furtherance of Christianity.

(13) To export “religious liberation” ideas around the world so as to undermine all existing religions, but more especially the Christian religion. This began with “Jesuit Liberation Theology,” which brought about the downfall of the Somoza family rule in Nicaragua and which is today destroying El Salvador, now 25 years into a “civil war,” Costa Rica and Honduras. One very active entity engaged in so-called liberation theology is the Communist-oriented Maryknoll Mission. This accounts for the extensive media attention to the murder of four of Maryknoll’s so-called nuns in El Salvador a few years ago.

(14) To cause a total collapse of the world’s economies and engender total political chaos.

(15) To take control of all foreign and domestic policies of the United States.

(16) To give the fullest support to supranational institutions such as the United Nations (UN), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the World Court and, as far as possible, make local institutions of lesser effect by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the mantle of the United Nations.

(17) Penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of nations represented by them.

(18) Organize a worldwide terrorist apparatus and negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place.

(19) Take control of education in America with the intent and purpose of utterly and completely destroying it.
Many of these goals, which I first enumerated in 1969, have since been achieved or are well on their way to being achieved.

With their unlimited funding, with several hundred think tanks and 5,000 social engineers, the media, banking and control of most governments a reality, we can see that we are tracing a problem of immense proportions, one that cannot be opposed by any nation at this time.

As I have so often stated, we have been misled into believing that the problem I am talking about has its origin in Moscow. We have been brainwashed into believing that Communism is the greatest danger we Americans are facing. This is simply not so. The greatest danger arises from the mass of traitors in our midst. Our Constitution warns us to be watchful of the enemy within our gates. These enemies are the servants of the Committee of 300 who occupy high positions within our governmental structure.



John Graham, also known as “Irwin Suall,” is head of the fact-finding committee of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL is an outright British intelligence operation run by branches of British intelligence, MI6 and the JIO. Suall’s extensive bag of dirty tricks was garnered from the sewers of the East End of London. Suall is still a member of the super-secret SIS, an elite James Bond type of operation. Let nobody underestimate the power of the ADL, nor its long reach.

Suall was singled out as useful to British intelligence while at Ruskir Labour College at Oxford University in England, the same communist education centre that gave us Kim Philby. Oxford and Cambridge Universities have long been the province of the sons and daughters of the elite, those whose parents belong to the “upper crust” of British high society. While at Oxford, Suall joined the Young People’s Socialist League, and was recruited by British intelligence shortly thereafter.

Suall has strong connections with the Justice Department and can secure FBI profiles of any person he targets. The Justice Department has orders to give Suall everything he wants when he wants it. Most of Suall’s activities centre around “keeping an eye on right-wing groups and individuals.” The ADL has an open door to the State Department and makes good use of its impressive intelligence agency.


Softening Up the U.S.

The Club of Rome feels confident that it has carried out its Committee of 300 mandate to “soften up” the United States. After years of waging war on the people of this nation, who will doubt that it has indeed accomplished its task? Look around and see how we have been demoralized. Drugs, pornography, rock “music,” free sex, the family unit all but totally undermined, lesbianism, homosexuality, and finally the ghastly murder of millions of innocent babies by their own mothers. Has there ever been a crime so vile as mass abortion?

With the U.S. spiritually, morally bankrupted, with our industrial base destroyed, throwing 30 million people out of work, with our big cities ghastly cesspools of every imaginable crime, with a murder rate almost three times higher than any other country, with 4 million homeless, with corruption in government reaching endemic proportions, who will gainsay that the United States is ready to collapse from within, into the waiting arms of the New Dark Age One World Government?

The Club of Rome has succeeded in splitting the Christian churches; it has succeeded in building up an army of charismatics, fundamentalists and evangelicals who will fight for the Zionist State of Israel. During the Gulf War of genocide I received scores of letters asking me how I could oppose “a just Christian war against Iraq.” How could I doubt that Christian fundamentalist support for the (Committee of 300’s) war against Iraq was not Biblical–after all, didn’t Billy Graham pray with President Bush just before the shooting started? Doesn’t the Bible speak of “wars and rumours of wars”?

These letters give an insight into just how well the Tavistock Institute has done its work. The Christian fundamentalists will be a formidable force behind the state of Israel, exactly as planned. How sad that these fine people do not realize that they have been grossly misused by the Club of Rome and that their opinions and beliefs are not their own, but those created for them by the hundreds of Committee of 300 “think tanks” that dot the American landscape. In other words, like any other segment of the United States population, the Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals have been thoroughly brainwashed.

Some may have difficulty in accepting the idea of a global conspiracy because so many writers have made financial gain from it. Others doubt that activity on a global scale can be successfully advanced. They see the huge bureaucracy of our government and then say, “Well, how are we supposed to believe that private people can do more than the government does?” This overlooks the fact that government is part of the conspiracy. Hard evidence is what they want and hard evidence is difficult to come by.

Others say, “So what. What do I care about a conspiracy? I don’t even bother to vote.” That is exactly the way the general population of America was profiled to react. Our people have become discouraged and confused, the results of years of warfare conducted against us. Demoralized and confused people will be far more ready to welcome the sudden appearance of a great man who promises to solve every problem and guarantee a well-ordered society in which people are fully employed and domestic strife is minimal. Their dictator, for that is who it will be, will be welcomed with open arms.


Front Organizations

The Committee of 300, although in existence for over 150 years, did not take on its present form until around 1897. It was always given to issuing orders through other fronts, such as the Royal Institute for International Affairs. When it was decided that a super-body would control European affairs, the RIIA founded the Tavistock Institute, which in turn created NATO. For five years NATO was financed by the German Marshall Fund. Perhaps the most important member of the Bilderbergers, a foreign policy body of the Committee, was Joseph Rettinger, said to have been its founder and organizer, whose annual meetings have delighted conspiracy hunters for several decades.

Rettinger was a well-trained Jesuit priest and a 33rd Degree Freemason. Mrs. Katherine Meyer Graham, who is suspected of having murdered her husband in order to get control of the Washington Post, was another ranking member of the Club of Rome, as was Paul G. Hoffman of the New York Life Insurance Company, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States and a leading Rank company, with ties directly to Queen Elizabeth of England’s immediate family. John J. McCloy, the man who attempted to wipe post-World War II Germany off the map, and last but not least, James A. Perkins of the Carnegie Corporation, were also founding members of the Bilderbergers and the Club of Rome.

What a star-studded cast! Yet strangely enough, few if any outside of genuine intelligence agencies had ever heard of this organization until recent times. The power exercised by these important personages and the corporations, television stations, newspapers, insurance companies and banks they represent matches the power and prestige of at least two European countries, and still this is only the tip of The Committee of 300’s enormous cross-griding and interfaced interests.

Research Analysis Corporation is situated in McLean, Virginia. Established in 1948, it was taken over by the Committee of 300 in 1961 when it became part of the Johns Hopkins bloc. It has worked on over 600 projects, including integrating Blacks into the Army, the tactical use of nuclear weapons, psychological warfare programs and mass population control.


Opinion Polls and Pollsters

Obviously there are many more major think tanks, and we shall cover more of them in this book. One of the most important areas of cooperation between what think tanks turn out and what becomes government and public policy are the “pollsters.” It is the job of the polling companies to mould and shape public opinion in the way that suits the conspirators. Polls are constantly being taken by CBS-NBC-ABC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Most of these efforts are coordinated at the National Opinion Research Centre where, as much as it will amaze most of us, a psychological profile was developed for the entire nation.

Findings are fed into the computers of Gallup Poll and Yankelovich, Skelley and White for comparative evaluation. Much of what we read in our newspapers or see on television has first been cleared by the polling companies. What we see is what the pollsters think we should see. This is called “public opinion making.” The whole idea behind this bit of social conditioning is to find out how responsive the public is to policy directives handed down by the Committee of 300. We are called “targeted population groups,” and what is measured by the pollsters is how much resistance is generated to what appears in the “Nightly News.”

Polling was brought to a fine art just before the United States entered the Second World War. Americans, unbeknown to themselves, were conditioned to look upon Germany and Japan as dangerous enemies who had to be stopped. In a sense, this was true, and that makes conditioned thinking all the more dangerous, because based on the information fed to them, the enemy did indeed appear to be Germany and Japan. Just recently we saw how well Tavistock’s conditioning process works when Americans were conditioned to perceive Iraq as a threat and Saddam Hussein as a personal enemy of the United States.


Programmed to Change, Readied for Destruction

It is this Committee of 300 which has established control networks and mechanisms far more binding than anything ever seen in this world. Chains and ropes are not needed to restrain us. Our fear of what is to come does that job far more efficiently than any physical means of restraint. We have been brainwashed to give up our Constitutional right to bear arms; to give up our Constitution itself; to allow the United Nations to exercise control over our foreign policies and the IMF to take control of our fiscal and monetary policies; to permit the President (Bush) to break United States law with impunity and to invade a foreign country and kidnap its head of state. In short, we have been brainwashed to the extent where we, as a nation, will accept each and every lawless act carried out by our government almost without question.

Thanks to the Club of Rome, our technology potential has dropped below that of Japan and Germany, nations we are supposed to have defeated in the Second World War. How has this come about? Because of men like Dr. Alexander King and our blindfolded state of mind, we have failed to recognize the destruction of our educational institutions and systems of teaching. As a result of our blindness, we are no longer training engineers and scientists in sufficient numbers to keep us among the industrialized nations of the world. Thanks to Dr. King, a man very few people in America know about, education in the U.S. is at its lowest level since 1786. Statistics produced by the Institute for Higher Learning show that the reading and writing capabilities of high school children in the United States are lower than they were among high school children in 1786.

The nation was to be programmed to change and become so accustomed to such planned changes that it would hardly be noticeable when profound changes did occur. We have gone downhill so fast in the last few years that today, divorce draws no stigma, suicide is at an all-time high and raises few eyebrows, social deviations from the norm and sexual aberrations, once unmentionable in decent circles, are now commonplace and excite no special protest. Do we as a nation recognize it as going downhill with our brakes off?

No, we do not. When those whose business it is to bring the truth to the American people found out that a private, well-organized little government inside the White House was busy committing one crime after another, crimes which attacked the very soul of this nation and the republican institutions upon which it rested, we were told not to bother the public with such things. “We really don’t want to know about all this speculation,” became a standard response.

When the highest elected official of the land blatantly put U.N. law above the Constitution of the United States–an impeachable offense–the majority accepted it as “normal.” When the highest elected official of the land went to war without a Congressional declaration of war, the fact was censored out by the news media and, again, we accepted it rather than face the truth.

When the Gulf War, which our President (Bush) plotted and planned, began, not only were we happy with censorship of the most blatant kind, we even took it to our hearts, believing that it was “good for the war effort.” Our President lied, April Glaspie lied, the State Department lied. They said the war was justified because Saddam Hussein had been warned to leave Kuwait alone. When Glaspie’s cables to the State Department were finally made public, one United States Senator after another went charging to defend Glaspie. It mattered not that they came from both the Democrats and the Republicans. We, the people, let them get away with their vile lies.

President Jefferson once said he pitied those who thought they knew what was taking place through reading the newspaper. Disraeli, the British prime minister, said much the same thing. Indeed, down through the ages, rulers have delighted in running things from behind the scenes.

We are told that we won the Gulf War. What is not yet perceived by the vast majority of Americans is that, in winning the war, it cost the self respect and honour of our nation. That lies rotting in the desert sands of Kuwait and Iraq, alongside the corpses of the Iraqi soldiers we butchered in the agreed retreat from Kuwait and Basra–we could not keep our word that we would abide by the Geneva Conventions and not attack them. “What do you want,” our controllers asked us, “victory or self respect? You can’t have both.”

One hundred years ago, this could not have happened, but now it has happened and excites no comment.

We live in a throw-away society, programmed not to last. We do not even flinch at the 4 million homeless nor the 30 million jobless, nor the 15 million babies murdered thus far. They are “throw-aways” of a conspiracy so damnable that, when first confronted with it, the majority will disavow its existence, rationalizing these events as “times have changed.”

This is how the Tavistock Institute has programmed us to react. Dismantling of our ideals goes on without protest. The spiritual and intellectual drive of our people has been destroyed!

Increased pressure on this nation for change was applied by Stanford Research Institute in the early 1960s. SRI’s offensive gathered power and momentum. Switch on your television set and you will see Stanford’s victory in front of your very eyes: talk shows featuring heavy sexual details, special video channels where perversion, rock music and drugs reign supreme. Where once John Wayne ruled, we now have a made-over apology for a man (or is he?) called Michael Jackson, a parody of a human being who is held up as a hero, as he gyrates, shuffles, mumbles and screams his way across television screens in millions of American homes.

A woman who has been through a series of marriages gets national coverage. One filthy, half-washed drug-ridden decadent rock band after another has hours of air time devoted to its inane sounds and mad gyrations, clothes fashions and language aberrations. Soap operas showing near pornographic scenes draw no comment. Whereas in early 1960 this would never have been tolerated, today it is accepted as normal. We have been subjected and we have succumbed to what Tavistock Institute calls “future shocks,” whose future is now, and we are so numbed by one cultural shock after another that to protest seems like a futile gesture and, therefore, logically we think, it does no good to protest.

America today can be compared with a soldier who falls asleep in the thick of battle. We Americans have fallen asleep, given way to apathy caused by being confronted with a multiplicity of choices which has confused us. These are the changes that alter our environment, break down our resistance to change so that we become dazed, apathetic and eventually fall asleep in the thick of battle.

There is a technical term for this condition. It is called “long-range penetration strain.” The art of subjecting a very large group of people to continued long-range penetration strain was developed by scientists working out of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and their U.S. subsidiaries, Stanford Research and Rand Corporation, and at least another 150 research institutions here in the U.S.

Who can deny that with the huge increase in drug usage–“crack” making thousands of instant new addicts each day–the shocking rise in the murder of infants each day (aborticide), which by now far exceeds casualties suffered by our armed forces in both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam, the open acceptance of homosexuality and lesbianism, whose “rights” are protected by more and more laws each year, the terrible plague we call “AIDS” washing over our towns and cities, total failure of our education system, the stunning increase in the divorce rate, a murder rate that shocks the rest of the world into disbelief, satanic serial killings, the disappearance of thousands of young children, snatched off our streets by perverts, a virtual tidal wave of pornography accompanied by “permissiveness” on our television screens–who can deny that this nation is in crisis, which we are not addressing and which we are turning away from?

Well-meaning people who specialize in these things blame a lot of the problem on education, or what passes for it in the United States. Criminals now abound in the age groups 9-15. Rapists are quite commonly as young as 10. Our social specialists, our teacher’s unions, our churches say it is all due to a faulty education system. Witness how test scores keep dropping. The specialists bewail the fact that the United States now ranks around 39th in the level of education in the world.

Why do we bemoan what is so obvious? Our education system was programmed to self-destruct.


The ’60s and the Media

The role of the media in our society is crucial to the success of brainwashing large population groups. Gang wars ended in Los Angeles in 1966 as the media withdrew its coverage. The same thing will happen with the current wave of gang wars in Los Angeles. Street gangs will wither on the vine once media saturation coverage is toned down and then completely withdrawn. As in 1966, the issue would become “burned out.” Street gangs will have served their purpose of creating turbulence and insecurity.

Without massive media hype, and without almost around the clock coverage, the hippy-beatnik rock, drug cult would never have gotten off the ground; it would have remained a localized oddity. The Beatles, with their twanging guitars, silly expressions, drug language and weird clothes, would not have amounted to a hill of beans. Instead, because the Beatles were given saturation coverage by the media, the United States has suffered one cultural shock after another.

The men buried in the think tanks and research institutions, whose names and faces are still not known to but a few people, made sure that the press played its part. Conversely, the media’s important role in not exposing the power behind the future cultural shocks made certain that the source of the crisis was never identified. Thus was our society driven mad through psychological shocks and stress. “Driven mad” is taken from Tavistock’s training manual. From its modest beginnings in 1921, Tavistock was ready in 1966 to launch a major irreversible cultural revolution in America, which has not yet ended. The Aquarian Conspiracy is part of it.

Thus softened up, our nation was now deemed ripe for the introduction of drugs, which was to rival the Prohibition era in scope and the huge amounts of money to be made. This too was an integral part of the Aquarian Conspiracy. The proliferation of drug usage was one of the subjects under study at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at Tavistock’s Sussex University facility.

The media has always served as a catalyst and has always pushed “new causes,” and now media attention was focused on drug usage and its supporters, the “beat generation,” yet another phrase fashioned at Tavistock, in its determined efforts to bring about social changes in The United States.

Drug usage now became an accepted part of everyday life in America. This Tavistock-designed program took in millions of American youth, and the older generation began to believe that America was undergoing a natural social revolution, failing all the while to realize that what was happening to their children was not a spontaneous movement, but a highly artificial creation designed to force changes in America’s social and political life.

There is much talk about environment these days and, while it mostly refers to green surroundings, pure rivers and fresh air, there is another, equally important environment, namely, the drug environment. The environment of our life style has become polluted; our thinking has become polluted. Our ability to control our destiny has become polluted. We are confronted by changes that pollute our thinking to the extent that we do not know what to make of it all. The “Environment of Change” is crippling the nation; we appear to have so little control that it has produced anxiety and confusion.

We now look to group solutions instead of individual solutions to our problems. We do not make use of our own resources to solve problems. In this the prolific rise in drug usage is playing a leading role. The strategy is a deliberate one, devised by the new-science scientists, the social engineers and tinkerers, aimed at the most vulnerable of all areas, our self-image, or how we perceive ourselves, which leads us eventually to become like sheep being led to the slaughter. We have become confused by the many choices we have to make, and we have become apathetic.


The Drug Trade

From Colombia to Miami, from the Golden Triangle to the Golden Gate, from Hong Kong to New York, from Bogota to Frankfurt, the drug trade, and more especially the heroin trade, is big business, and it is run from the top down by some of the most “untouchable” families in the world, and each of those families have at least one member who is on the Committee of 300. It is not a street corner business, and it takes a great deal of money and expertise to keep it flowing smoothly. The machinery under control of the Committee of 300 ensures this.

Such talents are not found on the street corners and subways of New York. To be sure, the pushers and peddlers are an integral part of the trade, but only as very small part-time salesmen. I say part-time because they are caught and rivalry gets some of them shot. But what does that matter? There are plenty of replacements available.

No, it is not anything the Small Business Administration would be interested in. It is big business, a vast empire, this dirty drug business. Of necessity, it is operated from the top down in every single country in the world. It is, in fact, the largest single enterprise in the world today, transcending all others. That it is protected from the top down is borne out by the fact that, like international terrorism, it cannot be stamped out, which should indicate to a reasonable person that some of the biggest names in royal circles, the oligarchy, the plutocracy are running it, even if it is done through intermediaries.

There is not a single government that does not know precisely what is going on with regard to the drug trade, but individual members holding powerful positions are taken care of by the Committee of 300 through its worldwide network of subsidiaries. If any government member is “difficult,” he or she is removed, as in the case of Pakistan’s Ali Bhutto and Italy’s Aldo Moro. No one is beyond the reach of this all-powerful Committee, even though Malaysia has been successful in holding out up until now. Malaysia has the strictest anti-drug laws in the world. Possession of even small amounts is punishable by the death penalty.

Like the Kintex Company of Bulgaria, most smaller countries have a direct hand in these criminal enterprises. Kintex trucks regularly ferried heroin through Western Europe in its own fleet of trucks bearing the EEC marker Triangle Internationale Routier (TIR). Trucks bearing this marker and the EEC recognition number are not supposed to be stopped at customs border posts. TIR trucks are allowed to carry only perishable items. They are supposed to be inspected in the country from whence they originated, and documentation to this effect is supposed to be carried by each truck driver.

Under international treaty obligations this is what happens, thus Kintex trucks were able to load their cargoes of heroin and certify it as “fresh fruit and vegetables,” and then make their way through Western Europe, even entering high-security NATO bases in Northern Italy. In this manner, Bulgaria became one of the principal countries through which heroin was routed.

Remember this the next time you read in the newspapers that a big haul of heroin was found in a false-bottom suitcase at Kennedy Airport, and some unlucky “mule” pays the price for his criminal activity. This kind of action is only “small potatoes,” a little person caught and splashed across the media, to make us think our government is really doing something about the drug menace.

Let us stop here for a moment. Are we to believe that with all the modern and vastly improved surveillance techniques, including satellite reconnaissance, available to law enforcement agencies in most countries, that this vile trade cannot be pinpointed and stopped? How is it that law enforcement agencies cannot go in and destroy these laboratories once they are discovered? If this is the case, and we still cannot interdict the heroin trade, then our anti-narcotics services ought to be known as “The Geriatrics” and not drug enforcement agencies.

Even a child could tell our alleged “drug watchers” what to do. Simply keep a check on all factories making acetic anhydride, the most essential chemical component needed by laboratories to refine heroin from raw opium. Then follow the trail!

Shipments of cocaine are sometimes interdicted and seized. That is mere window dressing. Oftentimes the shipments seized belong to a new organization trying to break into the trade. Such competition is put out of business by informing the authorities exactly where it is going to enter the U.S. and who the owners are. The big stuff is never touched; heroin is too expensive.

To the oligarchs and plutocrats of the Committee of 300, drugs have a two-fold purpose, firstly to bring in colossal sums of money, and secondly, to eventually turn a major part of the population into mindless drug zombies who will be easier to control than people who don’t need drugs, as punishment for rebellion will mean withholding of supplies of heroin, cocaine, and other drugs. For this it is necessary to legalize drugs so that a monopoly system can cause drug usage to proliferate as hundreds of thousands of permanently jobless workers turn to drugs for solace.

In one of the Royal Institute of International Affairs top secret papers, the scenario is laid out as follows (in part):

“…having been failed by Christianity, and with unemployment on every hand, those who have been without jobs for five years or more will turn away from the church and seek solace in drugs. That is when full control of the drug trade must be completed in order that the governments of all countries who are under our jurisdiction will have a monopoly which we will control through supply…. Drug bars will take care of the unruly and the discontent, would-be revolutionaries will be turned into harmless addicts with no will of their own….”


The World of the Future?

Summarized, the intent and purpose of the Committee of 300 is to bring to pass the following conditions:

A One World Government and one-unit monetary system under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population.

There will be no middle class, only rulers and servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts practising the same unified code of laws, backed up by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military to enforce laws in all former countries where no national boundaries shall exist. The system will be on the basis of a welfare state; those who are obedient and subservient to the One World Government will be rewarded with the means to live; those who are rebellious will simply be starved to death or be declared outlaws, thus a target for anyone who wishes to kill them. Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited.
Only one religion will be allowed, and that will be in the form of a One World Government Church. Satanism, Luciferianism and Witchcraft shall be recognized as legitimate One World Government curricula, with no private or church schools. Christian churches have already been subverted and Christianity will be a thing of the past in the One World Government.

Each person shall be fully indoctrinated that he or she is a creature of the One World Government with an identification number clearly marked on their person so as to be readily accessible, which identifying number shall be in the master file of the NATO computer in Brussels, Belgium, subject to instant retrieval by any agency of the One World Government at any time. The master files of the CIA, FBI, state and local police agencies, IRS, FEMA and Social Security shall be vastly expanded and form the basis of personal records of all individuals in the United States.

Marriage shall be outlawed and there shall be no family life as we know it. Children will be removed from their parents at an early age and brought up by wards as state property. Such an experiment was carried out in East Germany under Erich Honecker when children were taken away from parents considered by the state to be disloyal citizens.
Pornography shall be promoted and be compulsory showing in every theatre or cinema, including homosexual and lesbian pornography. The use of “recreational” drugs shall be compulsory, with each person allotted drug quotas which can be purchased at One World Government stores throughout the world. Mind control drugs will be expanded and usage become compulsory. Such mind control drugs shall be given in food and/or water supplies without the knowledge and/or consent of the people. Drug bars shall be set up, run by One World Government employees, where the slave class shall be able to spend their free time. In this manner the non-elite masses will be reduced to the level and behaviour of controlled animals with no will of their own and easily regimented and controlled.

The economic system shall be based upon the ruling class allowing just enough foods and services to be produced to keep the mass slave labour camps going. All wealth shall be aggregated in the hands of the elite members of the Committee of 300. Each individual shall be indoctrinated to understand that he or she is totally dependent upon the state for survival. The world shall be ruled by Committee of 300 Executive Decrees which become instant law. Boris Yeltsin is using Committee of 300 decrees to impose the Committee’s will on Russia as a trial run. Courts of punishment and not courts of justice shall exist.

Industry is to be totally destroyed, along with nuclear powered energy systems. Only the Committee of 300 members and their elitists shall have the right to any of the earth’s resources. Agriculture shall be solely in the hands of the Committee of 300, with food production strictly controlled. As these measures begin to take effect, large populations in the cities shall be forcibly removed to remote areas, and those who refuse to go shall be exterminated in the manner of the One World Government experiment carried out by Pol Pot in Cambodia.

Euthanasia for the terminally ill and the aged shall be compulsory. At least 3 billion “useless eaters” shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite.

All essential and non-essential pharmaceutical products, doctors, dentists and health care workers will be registered in the central computer data bank, and no medicine or medical care will be prescribed without express permission of regional controllers responsible for each city, town and village.

There shall be no cash or coinage in the hands of the non-elite. All transactions shall be carried out by means of a debit card which shall bear the identification number of the holder. Any person who in any way infringes the rules and regulations of the Committee of 300 shall have the use of his or her card suspended for varying times according to the nature and severity of the infringement.

Such persons will find, when they go to make purchases, that their card is blacklisted and they will not be able to obtain services of any kind. Attempts to trade “old” coins, that is to say silver coins of previous and now defunct nations, shall be treated as a capital crime subject to the death penalty. All such coinage shall be required to be surrendered within a given time, along with guns, rifles, explosives and automobiles. Only the elite and One World Government high-ranking functionaries will be allowed private transport, weapons, coinage and automobiles.

If the offense is a serious one, the card will be seized at the checking point where it is presented. Thereafter that person shall not be able to obtain food, water, medical services, shelter and employment, and shall be officially listed as an outlaw. Large bands of outlaws will thus be created and they will live in regions that best afford subsistence, subject to being hunted down and shot on sight. Persons assisting outlaws in any way whatsoever shall likewise be shot. Outlaws who fail to surrender to the police or military after a declared period of time shall have a former family member selected at random to serve prison terms in their stead.

All information services and print media shall be under the control of the One World Government. Regular brainwashing control measures shall be passed off as “entertainment” in the manner in which it was practised and became a fine art in the United States. Youths removed from “disloyal parents” shall receive special education designed to brutalize them. Youth of both sexes shall receive training to qualify as prison guards for the One World labour camp system.

It is obvious from the foregoing that much work remains to be done before the dawning of the New World Order can occur. The Committee of 300 has long ago perfected plans to destabilize civilization as we know it.

In Western Europe the people are working toward a federation of states within a one government framework with a single currency. From there the EEC system will be transferred bit by bit to the United States and Canada. The United Nations is being slowly but surely transformed into a rubber stamp of One World Government, with policies dictated to it by the United States as we saw in the case of the Gulf War.

Precisely the same thing is happening with the British Parliament. Discussion on Britain’s participation in the Gulf War was kept to a ridiculously minimal level and belatedly took place only during a motion to adjourn the House. This has never happened before in the ancient history of Parliament, where so important a decision had to be made and so little time was allowed for discussion. One of the most noteworthy events in parliamentary history has gone virtually unnoticed.

Welfare states abound in Europe, and the United States is fast becoming the largest welfare state in the world. Once people come to depend on government for their subsistence, it will be very hard to wean them away from it.

The abolition of privately owned firearms is already in force in three quarters of the world. Only in the United States can the populace still own guns of all types, but that legal right is being chipped away at an alarming rate by local and state laws which violate the Constitutional right of all citizens to bear arms. Private gun ownership will have become a thing of the past in the United States by the year 2010.

Similarly, education is being eroded at an alarming rate. Private schools are being forced to close by a variety of legal stratagems and lack of funding. The standard of education in the United States has already sunk to such a deplorable level that today it can barely be classified as education at all. This is according to plan; as I described earlier, the One World Government does not want our youth to be properly educated.


The Desire to Be Free

Popular entertainment, especially the medium of movie making, was used to bring discredit upon those who tried to warn of this most dangerous threat to individual liberty and freedom of mankind. Freedom is a God-given law which man has constantly sought to subvert and undermine; yet the yearning for freedom by each individual is so great that up to now, no system has been able to tear that feeling from the heart of man. The experiments that have gone on in the USSR, Britain and the USA, to blunt and dull man’s yearnings for freedom, have thus far proved to be unsuccessful.

But with the coming of the New World Order/One World Government, far-reaching experiments will be stepped up to drive man’s God-given yearning for freedom out of his mind, body and soul. What we are already experiencing is but nothing, a mere trifle, when compared with what is to come. Attacking the soul is the thrust of a host of experiments being readied.


Manipulating Public Opinion

What makes the Committee incredible is the incredible secrecy that prevails. None of the news media has ever made mention of this conspiratorial hierarchy; therefore, as is to be expected, people doubt its existence. The Committee of 300 is for the most part under the control of the British monarch, in this case, Elizabeth II.

There is no entity the Committee cannot reach and control, and it is obvious that the communications field is tightly controlled. Looking at RCA, we find that its directorate is composed of British-American establishment figures who feature prominently in other organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, NATO, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, Bilderbergers, Round Table, Milner Society and the Jesuits-Aristotle Society. Among them was David Sarnoff, who moved to London at the same time Sir William Stephenson moved into the RCA building in New York.

All three major television networks came as spinoffs from RCA, especially the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), which was first, closely followed by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in 1951. The third big television network was Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) which, like its sister companies was, and still is, dominated by British intelligence. William Paley was trained in mass brainwashing techniques at the Tavistock Institute prior to being passed as qualified to head CBS.

Daniel Yankelovich is the emperor of the polling-opinion making corporate structure in the United States, a vast apparatus which provides “public opinions on social, economic and political matters of substance,” to quote Edward Bernays. It was this vast apparatus that turned the majority of Americans, who had never even heard of Saddam Hussein and vaguely knew that Iraq was a country somewhere in the Middle East, into a people howling for his blood and the extermination of Iraq as a nation.

Yankelovich utilized to the full all knowledge gained during the Second World War. As a second-generation warrior, Yankelovich has no equal, which is why ABC polls conducted by his company are always in the forefront of “public opinion.” The population of the United States was targeted by attacking the sense of reality. This technique is, of course, standard training for certain intelligence groups, which includes the CIA.

Yankelovich’s task was to destroy traditional American values and replace them with New Age/Age of Aquarius values. As the Committee of 300’s most senior public opinion maker, no one can doubt that Yankelovich has done a superb job.

Opinion makers have played no small part in this war on the United States; we need to examine the role of the Committee of 300 in bringing about these far-reaching changes and how the social engineers have used central systems analyses to keep public opinion from expressing anything other than the policies of the invisible government. How and where did it all begin?

From documents covering the First World War that I was able to gather and examine in the War Office in Whitehall, London, it appears that the Royal Institute for International Affairs was commissioned by the Committee of 300 to do a study of manipulating war information. This task was given to Lord Northcliffe and Lord Rothmere and Arnold Toynbee, who was MI6’s agent at the RIIA. Lord Rothmere’s family owned a newspaper which was used to support various government positions, so it was thought that the paper could change public perceptions, especially among the ranks of growing opposition to the war.

The project was housed in Wellington House. American specialists drafted to help Lords Rothmere and Northcliffe included Edward Bernays and Walter Lippman. The group held “brainstorming” sessions to work out techniques for mobilizing mass support for the war, especially among the working class people whose sons were expected to go to the slaughter fields of Flanders in record numbers.

Using Lord Rothmere’s newspaper, new manipulative techniques were tried out and, after a period of about 6 months, it was apparent that they were a success. What the researchers discovered was that only a very small group of people understood the process of reasoning and the ability to observe the problem as opposed to passing an opinion on it. This, said Lord Rothmere, was the way in which 87% of the British public approached the war, simply expressing their opinions without understanding the underlying realities. He theorised that the same principle applied not only to the war, but to every conceivable problem in society in general. Thus, if people’s opinions could be shaped and manipulated, you could control them.

In this manner, irrationality was elevated to a high level of public consciousness. The manipulators then played upon this to undermine and distract the grasp of reality governing any given situation and, the more complex the problems of a modern industrial society became, the easier it became to bring greater and greater distractions to bear, so that what we ended up with was that the absolutely inconsequential opinions of masses of people, created by skilled manipulators, assumed the position of scientific fact.

Having literally stumbled upon so profound a conclusion, the manipulators put it to one test after another during the war, so that in spite of hundreds of thousands of the youth of Britain being slaughtered on the battlefields of France, there was virtually no opposition to the bloody war. Records of the time show that by 1917, just before the United States entered the war, 94% of the British working class bearing the brunt of the war did not have the faintest idea what they were fighting for, other than the image created by the media manipulators that the Germans were a horrible race, bent upon destroying their monarch and their country, and who had to be wiped off the face of the earth.

Certainly nothing has changed because, in 1991, we had the exact same situation created by the news media which allowed President Bush to flagrantly violate the Constitution in waging a war of genocide against the nation of Iraq with the full consent of 87% of the American people.

In 1928, Lippmann’s compatriot Edward Bernays wrote a book called Crystallizing Public Opinion, and in 1928 a second book of his was published, entitled simply Propaganda. In it Bernays described his experiences at Wellington House:

“As civilization becomes more complex, and as the need for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which public opinion may be regimented. With printing press and newspaper, the telephone, telegraph, radio and airplanes, ideas can be spread rapidly, and even instantaneously, across the whole of America.” (Bernays had not yet seen how much better television, which was to follow, would do the job.)

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power in our country.”

To back up his position, Bernays quoted H. G. Wells’ article published in the New York Times in which Wells enthusiastically backed the idea of modern means of communication “opening up a new world of political processes which will allow the common design to be documented and sustained against perversion and betrayal” (of the invisible government).

To continue with the revelations contained in Propaganda:

“We are governed, our minds are moulded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. Whatever attitude one chooses to take toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by a relatively small number of persons, a trifling fraction of our hundred and twenty million, who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, and who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.”

Bernays was not bold enough to tell the world who the “they” are who “pull the wires which control the public mind…,” but in this book we make up for his intentional oversight by disclosing the existence of that “relatively small number of persons,” the Committee of 300.

The invisible government of the Committee of 300 has put tremendous pressure on America to change its ways–for the worse. America is the last bastion of freedom, and unless our freedoms are taken away from us, progress toward a One World Government will be considerably slowed. Such an undertaking as a One World Government is a massive one, requiring a great deal of skill, organizing abilities, control of governments and their policies. The only organization that could possibly have undertaken this mammoth task with any hope of success is the Committee of 300, and we have seen just how far it has come toward total success.

Above all, the battle to overcome it will be a spiritual one.





The Amero Is Here

Hal Turner describes the eminent collapse of the US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, and Mexican Peso. The new North American Union money is here.

New currency being secretly minted at Denver Mint.

Endtime Bible Studies

When Is the End?

David Brandt Berg


In the book of Daniel chapter 12, the 6th verse, Daniel asks a question: “How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?” He’s just described the Antichrist and the Tribulation, and he wants to know when the end is going to be, the end of the world, the same question the disciples asked in Matthew 24. The end of the world as it now is, in other words, man’s world. The Millennium is going to be God’s world, Christ’s world. Man and the Devil are ruling and reigning today, and even though God is letting them, the world really belongs to the Lord. It should be the kingdom of God.

The cataclysmic event that ends man’s world is Armageddon, and even the world talks about Armageddon. Daniel had been shown all these wonders right up to the end of the world, man’s world, and he said, “How long is it going to be to the end?” Verse 7: “And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven and sware by Him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time”—one year—“times”—two years—“and a half a time.”

Here’s that three and a half years that the Bible speaks of so often! This word “time” here would have been better translated as a year, two years, and half a year, because in the Hebrew, “time” also meant more specifically a year. It’s a little unfortunate it was translated this way in Daniel because it’s not as clear. But we know that’s what it means by all the other prophecies about the three and a half years. He’s obviously referring to the Tribulation because he’s been talking about the horrible events of the time of the Tribulation and the Antichrist. So how long will it be to the end of these things? He says it’ll be three and a half years.

“And when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.” He doesn’t say completely kill all the holy people, he doesn’t say completely abolish them, but to scatter their power. Their power is going to be scattered by the Antichrist. It’s not going to be completely abolished, but they’re going to be scattered.

The power of the Holy Ghost is being scattered all over the world today, praise God! “But tarry ye in Jerusalem until ye be endued with power from on high, and ye shall be witnesses unto Me, in Judaea and Samaria and all the earth” (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8). The Antichrist is going to scatter the temporal power of the churches and the good people, the church people, the more or less righteous people, the religious people. When the Antichrist has accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, “all these things shall be finished.” That will be the end of man’s world!

Somebody asked me about the people living on earth during the Wrath of God, why God is going to punish them like that. “Why are they going to suffer like that?” Maybe that’s the “few stripes” that they’re going to receive for their sins (Luke 12:48). But just as the Lord takes care of His people during the Tribulation, God’s going to have to take care of them during the Wrath, and they’re not going to suffer as much as the wicked.

All the Antichrist’s people are going to be wiped out—the bad people, the worst people—but some people are going to be spared and live into the Millennium. Daniel even calls them “blessed” in verse 12: “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.”

In Daniel 12:8, Daniel writes, “And I heard, but I understood not. Then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?” In verse 9, the Lord tells Daniel, “Go thy way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.” He says, “Daniel, I don’t expect you to understand. Although I revealed a lot of things to you, a lot of it you’re not even going to understand and they’re going to be closed up, even your book of Daniel, closed up to the time of the end.” To Daniel himself it was sealed. “Go thy way. Don’t worry about it, Daniel. Don’t try to understand it all.”

Verse 10: “Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.” The wise are going to be purified, made white, and tried. The believers have to go through persecution, trials, tribulations, troubles, the Tribulation! God’s Word specifically says in the 11th chapter that we will be purged and made white (Daniel 11:35). Trouble purifies you! Trouble gets you down to business and makes you serious about things.

Daniel still doesn’t know what God’s talking about, even though the Lord spells it out for him and gives him so many days. He told him ahead of time, “You still won’t understand, Daniel! But for the sake of the people who someday are going to understand what I’m talking about, I’m going to tell you.”

Verse 11: “From the time the daily sacrifice shall be taken away and the abomination that maketh desolate set up”—at the breaking of the Covenant in the middle of the seven-year reign of the Antichrist at the beginning of the three and a half years of the Tribulation. He says from that time, when you see the daily sacrifice taken away—the reinstituted sacrifice in front of the rebuilt Jewish Temple—and the Abomination of Desolation is set up, there’s a specific number of days. “It’ll be a thousand, two hundred and ninety days”—1290 days.

I’ve been teaching you about the 1260 days till the Rapture, the end of the Tribulation, but here’s another month tacked on. Does that mean, perhaps, that the Battle of Armageddon is going to occur just 30 days after the Rapture? Does that mean the Wrath of God is only going to last a month? Subtracting 1260 from 1290 leaves 30 days. Daniel wanted to know when the end of all this is going to be, and God says 1290 days. We know that the Rapture is going to occur at the end of 1260 days, so what’s with this 30 days after the Rapture?

Verse 12: “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days”—1335 days. That’s 45 days more after the 1290! But tack on the 30 and you’ve got 75 days! We do not know any better than Daniel exactly what the distinction is between the 30 and the 45 and the total 75, except “Blessed is he that cometh to the thousand, three hundred and thirty-five days.”

Blessed is he who survives and lives through everything that’s going to happen after the Rapture, another 75 days. He is going to be blessed! If you come through the Wrath of God and live through the Battle of Armageddon, and you come out on the other side when the forces of God have taken over and are now ruling the earth, wouldn’t you feel like you were blessed?

Do you know how long it’s going to take just to bury the dead? Seven months (Ezekiel 39:12). It’s going to take seven months in Israel to bury the dead. That’s one hell of a battle! God’s got to even invite the birds of the air and the beasts of the forest to come and feed on the dead to try to get rid of all the dead. God’s Word says they’re going to be like dung on the earth (Jeremiah 25:33), and they’re going to stink so bad that the people that pass by are going to have to hold their noses (Ezekiel 39:11). Probably everybody’s going to have to wear those white masks to keep from being contaminated.

Seven months for the people to go to work and just bury the dead! In fact, seven months to bury the dead in Israel alone—the dead from the Battle of Armageddon in the Valley of Megiddo, from Megiddo to Jerusalem. There are going to be so many killed that the blood in some places in the Valley of Megiddo is going to run clear up to the horses’ bridles (Revelation 14:20). You wonder what the Millennium is for, what do we need a thousand years for? The world’s going to be pretty much in a mess when man gets through with it. It’s going to be a wreck and it’s going to take years to direct the people of the world to clean it up. It’s going to take months to bury the dead in one little country and years to clean up the mess!

God speaks of this time and time again throughout the Bible. And the martyrs under the altar cry, “How long, O Lord, till You’re going to take vengeance upon our enemies? How long are You going to let us suffer all these things and our people suffer all these things before You take vengeance for the blood they’ve shed?” (Revelation 6:10). It’s going to be hell on earth! But it’s going to be heaven let loose, not hell let loose. Heaven let loose to create hell on earth for those that belong in hell, and wipe out all the wicked Antichrist forces, the Mark-of-the-Beast people during the Battle of Armageddon.





Copyright © March 1981 by the Family International





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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

”For yet a little while, & He that shall come will come, & will not tarry!” (Heb.10:37)
Compiled from the writings of David Brandt Berg

antichristTHE HORRIFIC RULE & REIGN OF THE ANTICHRIST, WHICH WE COVERED IN A PREVIOUS LESSON (See The Rise and Reign of the Antichrist), IS GOING TO LOOK LIKE THE FINAL TRIUMPH OF MAN WITHOUT GOD! The Devil will look like a success, God will look like He’s been defeated, & the Church will look like it’s been destroyed! But what the Antichrist & his forces are not counting on is the supernatural, miraculous, omnipotent power of God, & God is going to get His greatest victory out of the seeming greatest of all defeats!

JUST AT THE HOUR WHEN THE FIENDISH ANTICHRIST THINKS HE HAS EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL–at last he’s worshipped by the whole World & he “sitteth in the Temple of God, as God, shewing himself that he is God” (2Thes.2:4)–suddenly–BOOM!–like a bolt from the blue, something happens!–Jesus comes & snatches all of His children out of this World!–All believers, all those who refused the Mark of the Beast in either their forehead or their hand & refused to worship him, but preferred to love & live & even die for Jesus!

JUST AFTER THAT DARKEST HOUR IN WORLD HISTORY, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BRIGHTEST DAWN! The brightest dawn comes after the darkest night, & Jesus is going to come back & rescue His Own, His children, His Church, His people, everyone who loves Him & knows Him & has Jesus in their hearts, who believe He is the Son of God, the Messiah.

HE’S GOING TO COME BACK & HE’S GOING TO RESCUE US OUT OF THIS WORLD! He’s going to say, “Stop the World! I want’m to get off!” Hallelujah! And you’re going to be caught up together with Him in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air, & so shall we ever be with the Lord! (1Thes.4:17.) We will rise in immortal victory over the forces of the Devil & the Antichrist, right before the eyes of our enemies, out of their reach forever as we rise to be with Jesus!

SO BELOVED, ALTHOUGH THE OUTLOOK FOR US IN THIS WORLD & OUR FUTURE HERE COULD HARDLY BE DARKER, the uplook could hardly be brighter or more glorious! And as the World gets worse & worse & the fires of Hell get hotter & hotter, we’re going to have to keep fleeing from that old Dragon & his crowd (Rev.12), until one of these days there’ll be no place left to go. Then we’re gonna go straight up to be with Jesus!–He’s gonna stop the World so we can get off! Praise God!

THEREFORE JESUS’ SECOND COMING IS THE MAJOR PROPHETIC ENDTIME EVENT FOR US, as it will signify the End of this World as we now know it, as well as our place in it in these present physical bodies. Following His Coming will be our complete translation & Rapture as we’re caught up together with Him in the air & taken off into Heavenly places! His Coming is the pivotal point, the end of this present life & living & work on Earth, when “time shall be no more” for us!–And we will enter the great Eternal Now! PTL! (Rev.10:6,7.)


the-signs-of-the-end-great-tribulationACCORDING TO ALL THE SCRIPTURES WE’VE ALREADY COVERED in our previous Chapter on the Antichrist, the Coming of the Lord marks the end of the Great Tribulation, that last 3-1/2 years of the Antichrist’s 7-year reign, during which time all Christians & believers in God will be hounded, hunted, persecuted & even slaughtered by the bestial Antichrist & his anti-God forces!

BUT THANK GOD, HE HAS A SET TIME & SCHEDULE FOR THE RETURN OF HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST, TO THIS EARTH TO RESCUE HIS PEOPLE!–And He’s going to come right on the button, just like these space launches which have a pre-set countdown!–Only there aren’t going to be any problems to delay His countdown! Jesus is going to fulfil His Word! You can rest assured that He is not going to change plans & come contrary to all the things that He Himself taught & the Prophets & the Apostles wrote! He is not going to misfire, but is going to fulfil all of the specific, detailed prophecies of His Word regarding Endtime events which must come to pass before He returns!

WE’VE ALREADY ANSWERED THE OLD THEOLOGICAL CONTROVERSY OF THOSE WHO WOULD ARGUE, “BUT NO MAN KNOWETH THE DAY OR THE HOUR WHEN CHRIST WILL RETURN!” –Yes, Jesus said to His disciples at that time, 2,000 years ago, “of that day & hour knoweth no man.” (Mat.24:36.) Why should people living almost 2,000 years ago be concerned about the times of specific events of a far distant future in which they themselves would not be living? It was not necessary for them to know!

IN FACT, WONDERFULLY ENOUGH, THE LORD LEFT PEOPLE GUESSING & HANGING IN SUSPENSE FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS, sometimes thousands of years, wondering what was going to happen & when it was going to happen! But they didn’t need to know yet. But now that the hour has come that the End is almost upon us, the Lord has unsealed & opened His Word to us & given us specific, detailed, actual times–years, months & even days, accurate mathematical exact statistics–so that we can know exactly where we are at on His timetable & schedule!

YOU WILL PROBABLY BE ABLE TO START THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TO CHRIST’S SECOND COMING AS SOON AS YOU FIRST HEAR OR SEE THAT THE ANTICHRIST HAS BEEN REVEALED as the great World leader who “confirms the Covenant with many for seven years” regarding Jerusalem & Jewish Temple worship. (Dan.9:27.) The moment that you see it signed, start counting the days! It’ll be exactly 1,260 days until he breaks it & abolishes it & begins the “Great Tribulation” period by setting himself & his Image up in the Holy Place to be worshipped, & commanding that everybody receive his Mark in their forehead or hand!

BUT I’M NOT GOING TO SWEAR TO IT THAT WE’LL KNOW EXACTLY WHEN THE ANTICHRIST STARTS HIS KINGDOM OR EXACTLY WHEN THIS COVENANT IS MADE, although I have a feeling we probably will, because that would be big news when they finally settle the big fracas between the Jews & the Arabs & the big dispute that’s going on over the city of Jerusalem right now. But from the “midst of the week” on, we’ll be able to definitely count the days till His Coming!–Because Jesus Himself said, “When ye therefore shall see the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, then shall be Great Tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the World to this time, no, nor ever shall be!” (Mat.24:15,21.)

the signs of the end abomination of desolationWHEN THAT IMAGE OF THE HORRIBLE BEAST, THE ANTICHRIST, IS SET UP THERE IN THE TEMPLE AT JERUSALEM, IN THE MIDST OF THAT SEVEN YEAR COVENANT PERIOD WITH THE JEWS, then will begin the Great Tribulation period for which His Word gives us the exact 3-1/2 year length over & over again in so many different ways that you cannot possibly misunderstand it!–3-1/2 years (Dan.7:25; Dan.9:27; Dan.12:7; Rev.12:14), 42 months (Rev.11:2; Rev.13:5), 1,260 days (Rev.11:3; Rev.12:6) & many other places. It is repeated so many times in so many different ways–days, months & years–so that you will know exactly how long it’s going to last!

WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THE LORD REVEALED THIS SO SPECIFICALLY & SO EXACTLY IN HIS WORD? Why do you think He was so clear on that?–Because it’s going to be such a terrible time that we’re going to be counting the days! That’s one thing that will help keep you going, to know that it is not going to last much longer! The fact that you’re able to count the days is going to encourage you tremendously!–”Just one more day, one more day, one more day!”

IF YOU WERE LOST ON A DESERT ISLE & DIDN’T KNOW WHETHER YOU WERE EVER GOING TO GET RESCUED, IT WOULD BE PRETTY HARD TO ENDURE. But if you knew exactly what day, or at least mighty close to it, that you were going to be rescued, you’d fight to live & survive until that day! Well, those last days of the Antichrist’s reign during the Great Tribulation are going to be so rough, the Lord wanted us to know the exact times so that we wouldn’t give up.

THE LORD WANTED TO MAKE SURE YOU KNEW EXACTLY HOW LONG THIS TERRIBLE TRIBULATION PERIOD WAS GOING TO LAST, FOR YOUR OWN ENCOURAGEMENT!–So you’d know exactly how much longer you’d have to suffer. How encouraging it will be to know, even as things are getting worse & worse, “Well, hallelujah, we’ve only got a few more days to go, & the Lord’s going to be here to deliver us.” “Look up!” He says, “for your redemption draweth nigh!” (Luk.21:28.) What a wonderful encouragement!

  • “THE SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN!” (Mat.24:30.)

JESUS WARNED US NOT TO EXPECT HIS RETURN ANY SOONER THAN HAS BEEN PREDICTED. He also warned that there will be many false Christs & false prophets who will try to deceive people into thinking either that they are Christ or that Christ is coming nearby somewhere, that He is here or there.–“If any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, & false prophets, & shall shew great signs & wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” (Mat.24:23,24.)

WHEREFORE IF THEY SHALL SAY UNTO YOU, BEHOLD, HE IS IN THE DESERT; GO NOT FORTH: BEHOLD, HE IS IN THE SECRET CHAMBERS; BELIEVE IT NOT.” (Mat.24:26.) He says, “Don’t believe any of them, because when I come you’ll know it!” The sky will light up like permanent lightning from one end to the other, & there will be such a sign in the Heavens that you couldn’t possibly mistake the fact that Jesus is coming!–

“FOR AS THE LIGHTNING COMETH OUT OF THE EAST, & SHINETH EVEN UNTO THE WEST; SO SHALL ALSO THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN BE!” (Mat.24:27.) He says there’s going to be light shining from the East to the West in the sky like lightning! You’ve seen it when the whole sky lights up with lightning? Well, that’s just a flash in the pan, a flash in the sky! The whole sky’s going to light up & stay lit when Jesus comes, while we’re gathered up to meet Him in the air!–And the whole World is going to watch it!

“FOR WHERESOEVER THE CARCASE IS, THERE WILL THE EAGLES BE GATHERED TOGETHER.” (Mat.24:28.) Now, that’s a strange thing, what does this mean about a carcase & eagles, vultures?–He’s speaking in cryptic, very puzzling language, saying, “Wherever the Body is, there are those going to be that feed on Christ!”–A rather unsavoury comparison that we, like vultures, feed upon the body of Christ, but He said, “Except you eat of My flesh & drink of My blood, you’re not going to have any part in Me.” (Joh.6:53-58.) So here He’s speaking of our gathering together or Rapture unto Him.

the-signs-of-the-end-raptureAND THAT’S THE SUREST WAY YOU’RE GOING TO KNOW WHEN JESUS COMES, BECAUSE YOU’RE GOING TO BE THERE! You’re going to rise to meet Him in the air! The greatest sign that Jesus has come will be that you will start floating, you will start levitating! Suddenly your feet won’t be able to touch the ground & you’ll start floating upward!–And He will gather you together to His Body, & we will meet Him in the air!

YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHETHER YOU’RE GOING TO BE IN THE RIGHT PLACE–here, there or somewhere else–because wherever you are, you’re going to be drawn like a magnet, like the eagles to the carcase, like vultures to the Body, who have to eat & feed upon Christ to live spiritually! Wherever the carcase is, there will all of us little eagles be gathered together!–That’s how you’ll know when Jesus comes, you’ll be there!

“IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE TRIBULATION OF THOSE DAYS shall the sun be darkened, & the moon shall not give her light, & the stars shall fall from Heaven, & the powers of the Heavens shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven: & then shall all of the tribes of the Earth mourn, & they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of Heaven with power & great glory! And He shall send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, & they shall gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of Heaven to the other!” (Mat.24:29-31.)

WOW! WHAT COULD BE MORE CATACLYSMIC, CATASTROPHIC, NOISY, DRAMATIC, TERRIFIC & MORE OBVIOUS THAN THE COMING OF THE LORD AS DESCRIBED HERE BY JESUS HIMSELF!?–“Immediately after the Tribulation!” But despite the fact that the whole sky will be lit up like lightning, that the saved of all ages will be literally “gathered together“ in the air, that the sun & the moon will be darkened & meteors will be falling & Jesus Himself will appear in the atmospheric heavens, causing the unsaved to mourn & weep as they see His coming in the clouds “with power & great glory“!–In spite of the “great sound of a trumpet“ & all these obvious, unmistakable, earthshaking, heaven-quaking signs of His coming, those same dear Church-people that cooked up the “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” doctrine about the Church not having to go through the Tribulation, have cooked up another false doctrine known as the “Secret Rapture” doctrine!

THESE FALSE PROPHETS, FALSE TEACHERS & PREACHERS TEACH THAT A SECRET RAPTURE WILL OCCUR BEFORE THE TRIBULATION, to whisk you silently, secretly & unobserved out of this World! According to them, Jesus is supposed to come secretly & quietly & nobody’s going to know about it!–He’s going to sneak in & the church is going to be snuck out with Him, & they’re all going to suddenly disappear & nobody’s going to know about it, millions & millions disappearing overnight!

THEY BASE THIS FALSE DOCTRINE ON A FEW SCRIPTURES WHICH SPEAK OF CHRIST COMING “AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT.”–So let’s take a close look at one of their most often-quoted passages which they use to try to substantiate this doctrine, 1st Thessalonians, Chapter 5:

“BUT OF THE TIMES & THE SEASONS, BRETHREN, YE HAVE NO NEED THAT I WRITE UNTO YOU. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.” (1Thes.5:1,2.) “Aha!” Pre-Trib Secret Rapturists will say, “See there! He’s going to come as a thief in the night & nobody’s going to know when He came, nobody’s going to know when He left. He’s going to steal in & steal you & steal out & it will all be very secretive & quiet!”

WELL, THEN WHY IN THE NEXT VERSE DOES IT SAY, “FOR WHEN THEY SHALL SAY, PEACE & SAFETY; THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION COMETH UPON THEM, as travail upon a woman with child; & they shall not escape!” (1Thes.5:3.) How can sudden destruction come upon you & you not know it? How can sudden travail come upon a woman who is having a baby, how can she go into labour, & not know it? You women who have had children, did you know when you were having them? Well, you didn’t know exactly when it was going to happen, but you knew it was coming & you knew when it was pretty close. And believe you me, when it happened you knew it! Right?

SO WHAT HE MEANS HERE IS THAT THE LORD WILL COME BY SURPRISE! It will be sudden, that’s for sure! And it will be a surprise to the ungodly, like the sudden coming of a thief. A better word might have been a robber, there’s a slight difference. Thieves sometimes do sneak in & out, but robbers usually let you know they’re there & they take what they want at gunpoint! So what he is saying in the second verse here is simply that the Lord’s coming will be a surprise to the World!–It will be a shock!

IT WILL BE LIKE A SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, SUDDENLY, WITHOUT WARNING! Because their false prophets have been telling them, “Everything’s peace now, everything’s safety, everything’s okay now, you don’t have to worry about anything! We have our World Government, we have our Antichrist, we have our Messiah, we have our superman to run the World now, & everything’s going to be okay!–Peace & safety!”–And then–BOOM!–Sudden destruction hits them!–Jesus returns, rescues His Bride from their evil clutches, & God begins socking it to them with His final Wrath & Judgements on the Antichrist’s World Empire!

“BUT YE, BRETHREN, ARE NOT IN DARKNESS, THAT THAT DAY (OF CHRIST’S SECOND COMING) SHOULD OVERTAKE YOU AS A THIEF!” (1Thes.5:4.) Ahh!–You Christians who know His Word & have “discerned the signs of the times“ (Mat.16:3) are not going to be surprised! You don’t have to have that day surprise you! You’re going to be so aware of what’s going on that you’re going to know that His coming is very near. You may not know the precise day or hour, but you may know within a day here or a day there, not very far off.–You’ll certainly know when approximately 3-1/2 years from the placing of the Abomination of Desolation has passed! And you’ll be looking for & anxiously awaiting Jesus’ return!

“YE ARE ALL THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT & THE CHILDREN OF THE DAY: we are not of the night, nor of darkness! Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch & be sober. For they that sleep, sleep in the night; & they that be drunken are drunken in the night. But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith & love; & for an helmet, the hope of Salvation.” (1Thes.5:5-8.)

JESUS’ MAGNIFICENT SECOND COMING WON’T CATCH YOU BY SURPRISE, LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT, AS IT WILL THE REST OF THE WORLD! They won’t be expecting it!–They’ll be surprised, especially when Jesus comes! They will really be shocked then when they see all the graves open & the bodies of the dead rise in the Resurrection! And all of us whom they’ve been persecuting & trying to kill & torture & imprison, trying to make take their Mark of the Beast & worship his Image, suddenly we’ll rise right out of their hands & they won’t even be able to touch us! It’s going to really shock‘m!

IT SAYS THAT “THEY SHALL SEE THE SON OF MAN COMING IN THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN WITH POWER & GREAT GLORY!” (Mat.24:30.) What glory is it & what power is it if the World doesn’t get to see Him in His triumph?–If the Church doesn’t get to enjoy it with Him, if we as Christians & the children of God don’t get to be caught up right in front of them in tremendous triumph & victory over them?–Out of their damned clutches, out of their fiendish hands & their torturing persecution, right into the skies to be with Jesus! What glory, what triumph would it be if they didn’t even see it happen? How ridiculous can you get! All that Secret Rapture, Pre-Trib Rapture is a bunch of malarkey! It’s ridiculous! It’s un-Scriptural!

OUR RAPTURE, OUR RESURRECTION, IS PART OF OUR TRIUMPH, OUR GOD-GIVEN VICTORY, OUR GREAT EXODUS FROM THIS WORLD! Like with Moses & the children of Israel, a part of their triumph over Pharaoh & his evil forces was that they didn’t just vanish into thin air!–What satisfaction would there have been in that? Well, they would have escaped. But they got to pass out right from under the noses of their enemies, through the Red Sea on dry ground, & then stand on the opposite side & watch all of their enemies drown!–And every eye saw them, they all watched’m as they escaped, so that God could be glorified & the World would know that God is God & able to save His people! Hallelujah!

IN REVELATION IT SAYS, “BEHOLD, HE COMETH WITH CLOUDS; & EVERY EYE SHALL SEE HIM; & they also which pierced Him,” meaning the Jews. (Rev.1:7.) That’s going to be our great glorious day of victory when we rise right out of the hands of our torturers & our slaughterers & our persecutors & our anti-Christ enemies! It will be like our final witness! What greater witness could there be than the Rapture?–The Resurrection & the Rapture, that’s the clincher! That’s the final witness, when they actually see Jesus & see us rise from the dead & from the Earth to meet Him in the air! That’s it! They can’t deny it then!

“AND ALL KINDREDS OF THE EARTH SHALL WAIL BECAUSE OF HIM!” (Rev.1:7.) Do you think they’re going to be frightened when they see us rise up to meet Jesus in this tremendous Rapture, this glorious, thunderous, lightning-like, Earth-shaking, Heaven-quaking event that raises the dead from the graves & the live from the ground? They’re going to be scared half out of their wits, almost to death!–Because then they’ll know that they have been wrong! They’ll know that we have been right & that Jesus has come to rescue us & to save us out of all their persecution & torment & all the terrible, horrible tribulation that they have caused us!

SO DON’T LET ANYONE FOOL YOU WITH THIS SO-CALLED “SECRET RAPTURE” DOCTRINE!–When Jesus comes, this World is going to know about it! Suddenly the sun’s going to be darkened & the stars shall fall from Heaven!–On the day-side of the Earth the sun will be darkened, & on the night-side of the Earth the moon shall not give her light & the stars’ll be falling! So no matter whether it’s day or night, no matter which side of the Earth you’re on, there are going to be signs in the sky, signs in the Heavens! God’s going to blot all the other lights out so He can shine!–So Jesus can shine!

“AND THE POWERS OF THE HEAVENS SHALL BE SHAKEN!” (Mat.24:29.)–There’ll be a great earthquake! You’ll hear rumblings & thunderings & mighty sounds! Let me tell you, you’ll know something’s happening! You’ll see the whole sky light up with permanent lightning from one end to the other, & then Jesus is going to appear in the clouds of Heaven in power & great glory! The whole World’s going to know something very unusual & very apocalyptic is happening!–And it’s going to be the Apocalypse for sure!–The revelation of Jesus Christ Himself coming in the clouds!

AND THERE ARE GOING TO BE SEVERAL BIG NOISES! The Scriptures which we’ll cover in a minute over in 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4 say that the Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, & with the voice of the archangel!–The Lord’s not only going to be shouting, but the archangel’s going to be shouting!–And I have an idea a lot of other folks are going to be shouting too! Hallelujah! And the trump of God shall sound!–Another big noise! With the Lord shouting & the archangel shouting & the trumpet blowing, there’s going to be a lot of noise, which sure doesn’t sound very secret to me!

the signs of the end rapture“THEN SHALL APPEAR THE SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN IN HEAVEN!” Are they going to see it?–How can it be a sign if they don’t see it? “And then shall all the tribes of the Earth mourn.” What are they mourning about if they don’t even know what happened? What are they crying about if it was so secret & nobody knew what happened? “And they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of Heaven with power & great glory!” (Mat.24:30.)

LIGHTS! TRUMPETS! VOICES! THUNDER! EARTHQUAKES! NOISES! DEAD RISING FROM THE GRAVES! LIVE SAINTS RISING FROM THE GROUND, floating right up through the ceilings & the buildings & the cars & right up into the clouds to be with Jesus! That’s no secret!–That “secret rapture” idea is a lot of baloney! I’ve been reading to you from the Bible, just what Jesus says & just what Paul says, & that’s the Truth! So you can go thumb your nose at those preachers & false prophets who try to tell you anything else!–Amen?


WHEN JESUS COMES, A GREAT WONDERFUL MIRACLE TAKES PLACE–THE RESURRECTION! All of those who belong to Him, all the saved, will then have a glorious & beautiful & wonderful Resurrection!–Either from the dead or translated, instantly changed & raised from the very face of the Earth, from the living! Then we will all go to be with the Lord to have the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb, while the Wrath of God is being poured out upon the wicked who remain on the Earth!

MANY MANY TIMES THROUGHOUT THE SCRIPTURES HIS RETURN & OUR CONSEQUENT RESURRECTION IS SPOKEN OF IN BOTH THE OLD & NEW TESTAMENTS! Many times we’re told in various ways of this great, apocalyptic event! And although the word “Rapture” itself is not to be found in the Scriptures, it is a handy little word because it sums up what we’re talking about, which might otherwise take a little time to explain. So when we use the term “Rapture”, it includes the coming of the Lord in the clouds, the sounding of the Trumpet, the dead being raised, the living saved being translated, & all of us being gathered together to be with the Lord, etc.–This is all part of the Rapture.

THE APOSTLE PAUL GIVES US A VERY REVELATORY INSIGHT INTO THIS MARVELLOUS EVENT IN 1ST THESSALONIANS, CHAPTER 4: “I would not have you to be ignorant, Brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.” (1Thes.4:13.) He says, “I don’t want you guys to be so dumb that you don’t know what’s going to happen when Jesus comes! I don’t want you to be so dumb about death that you don’t realise there’s going to be a resurrection!”

“FOR IF WE BELIEVE THAT JESUS DIED & ROSE AGAIN, EVEN SO THEM ALSO WHICH SLEEP IN JESUS WILL GOD BRING WITH HIM.” (1Thes.4:14.) What is he talking about when he says those who are asleep in Jesus?–It’s an oft-used expression & it means “the dead in Christ”, as explained in verse 16 of this same Chapter–those who have died in the Lord, born-again Christians who have already gone on to be with Jesus. All of our dear loved ones who have departed from this life are already with the Lord! Their bodies, you might say, are asleep & have gone back to dust if they’ve been there long enough. But they themselves, their spirits, are not sleeping in the grave.–They’re with Jesus!–“For to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord!” (2Cor.5:8.) They’ve “departed to be with Christ, which is far better!” (Phi.1:23.)

SO WHO’S THE LORD GOING TO BRING WITH HIM WHEN HE COMES?–All those who’ve already gone to be with the Lord, they’re going to still be with Him when He comes! What are they coming back for?–To rescue us only? Who’s going to be resurrected? “The dead in Christ.” Well, how can the dead in Christ be resurrected & yet be coming back with Jesus at the same time? How can all these dead bodies be resurrected when their spirits are already with Jesus & coming back in His Second Coming? What are they coming back for?–To pick up their bodies!

JESUS COMES BACK WITH THE SPIRITS OF ALL THESE DEPARTED SAINTS SO THAT THEY CAN PICK UP THEIR NEW RESURRECTED BODIES! It has something to do with that old buried body. God wants to prove that He can raise the dead, so He’s going to raise them from the dead, literally, but in a new body.–A new resurrected body like the one He had when He rose, that’s going to be beautiful! Their new, glorified, supernatural, resurrection bodies are going to rise & are going to get together with their spirits at the moment of Christ’s coming!

SO THE DEAD IN CHRIST ARE GOING TO COME BACK WITH THE LORD, & He says that “we which are alive & remain unto the coming of the Lord”–those of us who are still living when Jesus comes–“shall not prevent them which are asleep.” (1Thes.4:15.) The literal meaning here is that we will not pre-vent, or go before, them which are asleep. The Lord’s not going to let us beat them to the punch or jump the gun in this race to be with Jesus! The Lord says He’s going to let them be resurrected & rise first! Those who have died in the Lord & have gone on to be with Him, they’re going to go first!

the-signs-of-the-end-dead-in-christ“FOR THE LORD HIMSELF SHALL DESCEND FROM HEAVEN WITH A SHOUT, with the voice of the archangel, & with the trump of God! And the dead in Christ shall rise first!”–We’re not going to rise before them or go before them, they’re going to rise first! We who are still alive are probably going to watch the resurrection of the dead! “Then we which are alive & remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air!” (1Thes.4:16,17.)–In other words, we’ve got to wait for our departed brethren to be pulled out of their graves before we get to go up, we don’t get a head start on them! Then once we’re all together, we’ll all rise together to meet Him in the air!–Wow! What an occasion!

WITH ONE SUDDEN, SUPERNATURAL, MIRACULOUS, MIGHTY STROKE OF GOD, HE WAVES HIS WAND OF POWER & PRESTO!–We who are alive will be changed!–Translated & raised incorruptible, to meet the Lord in the air! People talk about the thrill of skydiving!–Well, you’re not just going to fall or sail down, you’re going to sail up! Your body will be changed right on the spot, from a body that’s merely alive to a body that’s going to live forever!

“BEHOLD, I SHOW YOU A MYSTERY; WE SHALL NOT ALL SLEEP”–we’re not all going to die in the Lord, some of us are still going to be alive when the Lord comes–“but we shall all be changed!” (1Cor.15:51.) He says it’s a mystery since it’s pretty hard to understand & explain, because how can you explain that an old corrupt rotten body that’s been in the grave for hundreds or even thousands of years is going to come to life & be perfectly whole & even better than it was before?

“WE SHALL ALL BE CHANGED, IN A MOMENT, IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE”–as quick as you can bat your eye, as quick as you can wink or blink your eye! When?–“At the last trump“–there’s that trumpet again! “For the trumpet shall sound, & the dead shall be raised incorruptible, & we shall be changed!” (1Cor.15:52.)

“FOR THIS CORRUPTIBLE MUST PUT ON INCORRUPTION, & THIS MORTAL MUST PUT ON IMMORTALITY.” (1Cor.15:53.)–We’ll still be the same, it’s still going to be you, but there’s going to be a big difference! Somehow through a miracle, God is going to do for our bodies even as He did for Jesus.–Of course Jesus wasn’t dead for near as long as many people have been. “He shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto His glorious body, according to the working whereby He is able even to subdue all things unto Himself.” (Phil.3:21.)

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT’S GOING TO BE LIKE, OR WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO BE LIKE, AFTER THE RESURRECTION?–YOU’RE GOING TO BE LIKE JESUS WAS AFTER HIS RESURRECTION!–That’s what you’re going to be like! Were they able to see Him?–Yes! Were they usually able to recognise Him?–Yes! And did He walk with them & talk with them?–Yes! He even ate with them & drank with them, think of that! He even cooked for them once! (Luk.24:43; Joh.21:9-14.) So in your new resurrection body you’ll be able to eat, sleep, drink, make love, & do whatever you can do now!–But you’ll also be able to do some things you’ve never been able to do in your natural body!

JESUS WAS NOT ONLY ABLE TO DO ALL THESE NORMAL NATURAL THINGS, but when they were in a locked room with all the doors barred, all of a sudden He came walking right through the locked door! (Joh.20:26.) And you’ll be able to walk through walls, doors, fly up through ceilings & appear & disappear just like Jesus did! You’ll be able to travel not just with the slow speed of sound or light, but with the speed of thought from one place to another! PTL!

the-signs-of-the-end-jesus-appearsWHEN JESUS SUDDENLY APPEARED FROM NOWHERE TO HIS DISCIPLES IN THAT LOCKED-UP ROOM, it says, “They were terrified & affrighted, & supposed that they had seen a spirit.” (Luk.24:37.)–They were almost scared to death, as they thought they were seeing a ghost! But Jesus said to them, “Touch Me, feel Me, see that it is even I Myself, not a spirit; for a spirit hath not flesh & bones as ye see Me have.” (Luk.24:39.)–Think that over! He didn’t say flesh & blood, “for flesh & blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God”, because “the life of the flesh is in the blood.” (1Cor.15:50; Lev.17:11.)

HIS RESURRECTION BODY WAS MADE OF FLESH & BONES! But of course it was quite a bit different from the bodies we now have!–We haven’t been able to pick up a talent on how to appear & disappear or do the miracles He did! But He still called it flesh & bones. And when He told doubting Thomas, “Put your fingers into the nailprints in My hand & thrust your hand into the wound in My side, & be not faithless but believing”, it showed that it must have been like the same body He died with if the wounds were still there! (Joh.20:27.)

SO ONE OF THESE DAYS SOON, WHEN JESUS COMES & THAT GREAT TRUMPET SOUNDS, YOU’RE GOING TO TRADE IN YOUR PRESENT, OLD, WORN-OUT, FLESHLY, EARTHY MODEL for an entirely new Heavenly model like the body He had after His resurrection!–“Beloved, now are we the sons of God, & it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when He shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is.” (1Joh.3:2.) –When Jesus comes, we shall see Him as He is, face-to-face, & be literally like Him!

BUT JUST BECAUSE YOU’VE RECEIVED YOUR NEW RESURRECTION BODY, remember, it’s still going to be you! You’re even going to look a lot the same, only better, much better! But it’s going to be you, the same body, otherwise it wouldn’t be a resurrection! And if someone’s natural, fleshly body has completely rotted away & returned to the dust, or if they were cremated & their ashes sprinkled over a vast area, whatever, if God has to take every single proton, electron & neutron & make up the atoms again & bring them back together from the dirt or from the ashes or from the smoke or from whatever & wherever it is, He will bring it back together!

“FOR IF THE SPIRIT OF HIM THAT RAISED UP JESUS FROM THE DEAD DWELL IN YOU, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by His Spirit that dwelleth in you! For God, Who hath raised up the Lord, will also raise up us by His Own power! And when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, & this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory! O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!” (Rom.8:11; 1Cor.6:14; 1Cor.15:54,55,57.)


BACK IN MATTHEW CHAPTER 24 WE READ THAT WHEN JESUS COMES, HIS ANGELS WILL “GATHER TOGETHER HIS ELECT FROM THE FOUR WINDS, from one end of Heaven to the other!” (Mat.24:31.) Now this word “elect” here simply means the saved, His “ecclesia“, which means His set-apart ones, His Church, His Christians, His children! And when He starts collecting His children, He’s certainly going to collect them all & not leave any behind! He’s going to gather all the saved together!

NOBODY’S GOING TO BE LEFT BEHIND THAT LOVES JESUS! Nobody’s going to be left behind that has received Jesus as his Saviour! No one is going to be left behind who is saved! Not a single, genuine, Bible-believing, Christ-trusting, Jesus-loving Christian is going to be left behind, not one! For “we shall all be changed!” (1Cor.15:51.) And we will all be raised! He’ll send His angels out to gather us from everywhere, from all around the whole Earth, & He won’t leave one behind. He won’t forget one, not one! Isn’t that wonderful?

IN REVELATION, JOHN ENVISIONED CHRIST’S GATHERING OF HIS CHILDREN AS A GREAT HARVEST: “And I looked, & behold a white cloud, & upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of Man, having on His head a golden crown.”–He’s not coming as a babe in the manger this time, but as the King of kings, to rule & reign forever!–“And in His hand a sharp sickle. And He that sat on the cloud thrust in His sickle on the Earth; & the Earth was reaped!” (Rev.14:14-16.) Jesus catches His Church out & then, immediately following in Revelation, you’ll find nothing but the Wrath of God being poured out upon the wicked who remain.

THIS RESURRECTION IS SPOKEN OF AS THE FIRST RESURRECTION, of all those who belong to Him. He says, “Blessed & holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: On such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God & of Christ, & shall reign with Him a thousand years.” (Rev.20:6.) So this “first” resurrection will be a resurrection of only the saved, of those who love Jesus.

NOW IF THERE’S A FIRST RESURRECTION, THERE MUST ALSO BE A SECOND RESURRECTION, & if you read Revelation Chapter 20 about the Great White Throne Judgement of God, you’ll find out that, of course, there is. But the next resurrection, the resurrection of the unsaved, the second resurrection, is not going to occur until after the 1,000-year Golden Age rule & reign of Christ on Earth known as the Millennium. And I’m sorry to say that many of those who don’t make the first resurrection are going to be suffering & learning some pretty hard lessons during that time.–So what you don’t want to do is miss the first resurrection!

“WATCH THEREFORE: FOR IN SUCH AN HOUR AS YE THINK NOT THE SON OF MAN COMETH!” (Mat.24:42,44.) You wouldn’t want to be left behind, would you?–When Jesus comes to rescue His children, His Own, out of this World & all of its horrors & terrors & reign of terror of the Antichrist & Tribulation? You don’t want to be left here to go through the following horrible plagues & Wrath of God upon the wicked & Armageddon & Hell thereafter!

HOW SAD!–THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO BE FOUND UNREADY!–Because He’s going to come suddenly, without warning, except for those who know His Word & know the times & seasons & are counting not only the years, but the very months & the actual days from the events which they know begin the countdown to zero hour when Jesus comes! We’re going to be counting the very days, as we’ve learned in our studies of both Daniel & Revelation.

WILL YOU BE READY WHEN JESUS COMES?–Are you one of His Own?–Have you received Him personally into your own heart? If so, then you can look forward to that Great Day of His Coming with hope & faith & eager anticipation! Receive Jesus now by praying this simple prayer:

“Lord Jesus, please forgive me for all my sins. I believe You died for me. I believe You are the Son of God, and I now ask You to come into my life. I open the door and I invite You, Jesus, to please come into my heart. Help me to love You and to love others by telling them about You and Your Love. Help me to read Your Word and understand it by Your Spirit. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”

–ESPECIALLY IF YOU’VE BEEN LIVING FOR JESUS!–Not just believing in Him & going to a church building once a week, but really serving the Lord & loving & winning souls, sacrificing, being a stranger & a pilgrim in this old World, having no certain resting place. When you see Jesus coming, having served Him as faithfully as you can, you’re going to be so happy, so rejoicing, praising God, thanking Jesus!–At last He’s come to deliver you from all of your pain & troubles & trials & tribulation! You’re going to be so happy to see Him! Hallelujah!

ARE YOU GOING TO BE HAPPY TO SEE JESUS WHEN HE COMES? Are you going to be ready?–Or are you going to be caught by surprise doing something you shouldn’t? You’d certainly be ashamed to face Him then, wouldn’t you? You’d even be ashamed to face us if you’re picked up by surprise suddenly out of this Earth doing something that wasn’t of the Lord, even though you’re saved & a Christian. I certainly don’t want to have that fate, do you? (Dan.12:2,3.)

I WANT TO BE READY TO MEET HIM WHEN HE COMES!–Ready to praise the Lord & welcome Him with joy & be happy that He is catching me out of this filthy old World up into His clean skies & heavenly places! Wouldn’t you rather be rejoicing & praising the Lord & thanking God that Jesus has come?–Then give Him your heart & your life, & love & serve Him “with all thy heart, & with all thy soul & with all thy strength” TODAY! (Mat.22:37.)–Tomorrow may be too late!–Amen? Are you ready?–Let’s serve Him & work together for His glory & His Kingdom now!





Copyright © March 1981 by the Family International





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World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal Reserve

By Alex Newman

Bank for International Settlements

A former insider at the World Bank, ex-Senior Counsel Karen Hudes, says the global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power-hungry figures centered around the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve. The network has seized control of the media to cover up its crimes, too, she explained. In an interview with The New American, Hudes said that when she tried to blow the whistle on multiple problems at the World Bank, she was fired for her efforts. Now, along with a network of fellow whistleblowers, Hudes is determined to expose and end the corruption. And she is confident of success.

Citing an explosive 2011 Swiss study published in the PLOS ONE journal on the “network of global corporate control,” Hudes pointed out that a small group of entities — mostly financial institutions and especially central banks — exert a massive amount of influence over the international economy from behind the scenes. “What is really going on is that the world’s resources are being dominated by this group,” she explained, adding that the “corrupt power grabbers” have managed to dominate the media as well. “They’re being allowed to do it.”

According to the peer-reviewed paper, which presented the first global investigation of ownership architecture in the international economy, transnational corporations form a “giant bow-tie structure.” A large portion of control, meanwhile, “flows to a small tightly-knit core of financial institutions.” The researchers described the core as an “economic ‘super-entity’” that raises important issues for policymakers and researchers. Of course, the implications are enormous for citizens as well.

Hudes, an attorney who spent some two decades working in the World Bank’s legal department, has observed the machinations of the network up close. “I realized we were now dealing with something known as state capture, which is where the institutions of government are co-opted by the group that’s corrupt,” she told The New American in a phone interview. “The pillars of the U.S. government — some of them — are dysfunctional because of state capture; this is a big story, this is a big cover up.”

At the heart of the network, Hudes said, are 147 financial institutions and central banks — especially the Federal Reserve, which was created by Congress but is owned by essentially a cartel of private banks. “This is a story about how the international financial system was secretly gamed, mostly by central banks — they’re the ones we are talking about,” she explained. “The central bankers have been gaming the system. I would say that this is a power grab.”

The Fed in particular is at the very center of the network and the coverup, Hudes continued, citing a policy and oversight body that includes top government and Fed officials. Central bankers have also been manipulating gold prices, she added, echoing widespread concerns that The New American has documented extensively. Indeed, even the inaccurate World Bank financial statements that Hudes has been trying to expose are linked to the U.S. central bank, she said.

“The group that we’re talking about from the Zurich study — that’s the Federal Reserve; it has some other pieces to it, but that’s the Federal Reserve,” Hudes explained. “So the Federal Reserve secretly dominated the world economy using secret, interlocking corporate directorates, and terrorizing anybody who managed to figure out that they were having any kind of role, and putting people in very important positions so that they could get a free pass.”

The shadowy but immensely powerful Bank for International Settlements serves as “the club of these private central bankers,” Hudes continued. “Now, are people going to want interest on their country’s debts to continue to be paid to that group when they find out the secret tricks that that group has been doing? Don’t forget how they’ve enriched themselves extraordinarily and how they’ve taken taxpayer money for the bailout.”

As far as intervening in the gold price, Hudes said it was an effort by the powerful network and its central banks to “hold onto its paper currency” — a suspicion shared by many analysts and even senior government officials. The World Bank whistleblower also said that contrary to official claims, she did not believe there was any gold being held in Fort Knox. Even congressmen and foreign governments have tried to find out if the precious metals were still there, but they met with little success. Hudes, however, believes the scam will eventually come undone.

“This is like crooks trying to figure out where they can go hide. It’s a mafia,” she said. “These culprits that have grabbed all this economic power have succeeded in infiltrating both sides of the issue, so you will find people who are supposedly trying to fight corruption who are just there to spread disinformation and as a placeholder to trip up anybody who manages to get their act together.… Those thugs think that if they can keep the world ignorant, they can bleed it longer.”

Of course, the major corruption at the highest levels of government and business is not a new phenomenon. Georgetown University historian and Professor Carroll Quigley, who served as President Bill Clinton’s mentor, for example, wrote about the scheme in his 1966 book Tragedy And Hope: A History Of The World In Our Time. The heavyweight academic, who was allowed to review documents belonging to the top echelons of the global establishment, even explained how the corrupt system would work — remarkably similar to what Hudes describes.

“The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole,” wrote Prof. Quigley, who agreed with the goals but not the secrecy. “This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.”

But it is not going to happen, Hudes said — at least not if she has something do to with it. While the media are dominated by the “power grabber” network, Hudes has been working with foreign governments, reporters, U.S. officials, state governments, and a broad coalition of fellow whistleblowers to blow the entire scam wide open. There has been quite a bit of interest, too, particularly among foreign governments and state officials in the United States.

Citing the wisdom of America’s Founding Fathers in creating a federal system of government with multiple layers of checks and balances, Hudes said she was confident that the network would eventually be exposed and subjected to the rule of law, stopping the secret corruption. If and when that happens — even if it may be disorderly — Hudes says precious metals will once again play a role in imposing discipline on the monetary system. The rule of law would also be restored, she said, and the public will demand a proper press to stay informed.

“We’re going to have a cleaned-up financial system, that’s where it is going, but in the meantime, people who didn’t know how the system was gamed are going to find out,” she said. “We’re going to have a different kind of international financial system…. It’ll be a new kind of world where people know what’s going on — no more backroom deals; that’s not going to keep happening. We’re going to have a different kind of media if people don’t want to be dominated and controlled, which I don’t think they do.”

While Hudes sounded upbeat, she recognizes that the world is facing serious danger right now — there are even plans in place to impose martial law in the United States, she said. The next steps will be critical for humanity. As such, Hudes argues, it is crucial that the people of the world find out about the lawlessness, corruption, and thievery that are going on at the highest levels — and put a stop to it once and for all. The consequences of inaction would be disastrous.